THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • "I think all addition, subtraction, division and multiplication operations should be supported." (numeric entry fields)


  • @THX1139 +1

    I, too, like the idea of using math in the numeric fields. It would help speed up the animation process and make it more accurate. I know both Nuke and Modo provide this feature. 

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    I wish there was a way to change the absolute size of a text box in the Controls tab instead of just the scale. (Edit: I've been told you can do it by right clicking the text layer in the composite shot and selecting properties but IMO that's hidden and not where I'd have thought to look so this could be more intuitive).

  • I wish the undo history was saved in the project file so you can restart the program and still undo whatever you were working on when you closed the program.

  • @THX1139

    How much of the undo history? The last 10 steps? 20? More?

    This is where saving versions would help, unless you're only looking to save a few steps back. 

  • ToddGroves 

    There's an option in the settings which controls the size of the undo history and I think that the entire history specified there should be saved as part of the project file. I think saving versions of my project would be a very coarse alternative to the undo history.

  • @THX1139

    In all 48 feature films I've worked on, I've never come across a situation where I needed to preserve the entire undo history of any projects. Including ones made up of 60 layers or more.

    This is where versioning up will work best. I've worked with software developers in my work history. And part of what decides whether or not a feature will be added - or not - is partly based on user requests and the frequency with which such situations would occur to warrant a feature change or addition. I think planning your projects in advance of starting work will go a long way in avoiding the need for massive undos.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @THX1139 my worry/concern here would be saving the undo state might cause exponential growth of a project save file. Since, in theory, everything in an edit is non destructive, that's the only real issue I see other than figuring out how to encode the undo buffer into the project. That, and time taken to implement. 

    It's an interesting idea, but there's probably a good reason no one has ever implemented such a thing. 

    @ToddGroves you're the Todd Groves on IMDB with a first credit of "Miracle" and most recent (released) credit of "Kong: Skull Island?" I'll assume so as none of the other three Todd Groves have 48/9 credits. Impressive resume. 

  • @THX1139 - "I also wish to be able to drag layers down through the stack. Currently you have to drag to the bottom of the window and then drop it there, mouse scroll down the list a bit and then drag and drop it again and the mouse scroll down the list a bit etc until you get where you want to be."

    This can be done currently.  With the left mouse button held down as you drag, you can roll the scroll wheel at the same time and the layer stack will scroll.  I know it works on the Mac, and I'm pretty sure it works on Windows as well.

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    My suggestion might not have been clear. I'm not suggesting that the entire undo history is saved into the project file. I think the default Hitfilm undo history is 30 actions so the number of actions I'm suggesting would be saved into the project file by default is 30. I actually changed this setting to 120 so my project files would be a little bigger but probably not by much, right?



    Unfortunately this doesn't work for me on Win10, HF Express 2017. I scroll the wheel and it acts like I'm not doing anything. Logitech G500 mouse, in case that's relevant.

  • @Triem23
    Yes, that's my profile on IMDB. Thanks. :)

  • I wish I could copy and paste keyframes for multiple layers in a composite at the same time (currently when you do that it copies and pastes the layers instead of the key frames).

  • When you duplicate (e.g. two) layers and one layer is parented to the other, the duplicate stays parented to the original instead of the duplicate. I believe that this is an oversight/mistake. It seems less productive and unintuitive behaviour and I can't see any advantage to it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @THX1139 nope, this would be expected behavior. Duplicating a layer, by definition, is making a copy of the layer, including its parenting settings. In fact, a duplicated layer automatically being parented to the original instance would be undesirable behavior. I'm setting up a thing right now where I'm duplicating layers and I really want all those duplicates parented to the original point. It's all about arrays. 

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    " In fact, a duplicated layer automatically being parented to the original instance would be undesirable behavior."

    I think there's a misunderstanding. I'm not saying that the duplicate should be parented to the original. I'm saying that the duplicate should be parented to its fellow duplicate.

    Maybe the behaviour should depend on whether you're copying only the layer that is parented to something or both the layer that is parented to something and the layer that it is parented to.


    I also came here to wish that when you change the name of a composite, the name of the feature on the timeline gets updated too.


    Edit: I wish, I wish that the full height of the video items on the timeline was used to show the frames of the video instead of just the bottom half. I realise some space is needed for the title and that's fine, but the rest after that should be used to show the largest possible frame since half a frame is barely possible to make out.


    Oh, I also wish for 1000 more wishes.

  • @THX1139 You can make tracks bigger. See the "Changing the appearance of tracks" chapter in the manual:

  • CedricBonnier

    Thanks but I have so many tracks that I don't want to sacrifice any space to make them taller and the blank space in the current system is otherwise wasted!

  • @THX11139
    "I think there's a misunderstanding. I'm not saying that the duplicate should be parented to the original. I'm saying that the duplicate should be parented to its fellow duplicate."

    That's the same thing.

    Ultimately, all the duplicated layers are parented to the original layer. When you parent a duplicate layer to another duplicate layer, it carries the same properties as the original (parent) layer because they're all parented to the same original layer. So, your suggestion still doesn't make sense. 

    If you just want to duplicate a layer simply for its effects properties but not carry over the parent, than just change or remove the parent link from the duplicated layer.

  • Warp Stabilizer for smoothing motion in moving shots <--- Now that I'm really getting into HF, this feature defo gets my vote! 

  • Programing staff obviously has a lot on their plate.

    Some time ago I posted a query to see if there was a way to change the dark skin to a lighter color and found that there was not.

    So, this is a feature request only because I know older Hitfilm users are having the same issue: dark skin with lite text is very difficult on older eyes. No need for a full blown skin customizer, just ability to reverse to black text on light background.

    I know, there are no old programmers. The oldest is probably 35.

  • @kentek3141

    I'm 57, and I personally prefer the dark theme with light text. I find the dark interface allows me to see my shots clearer and the colors more accurately.  Most vfx houses I've worked at provide a low light environment to work in because of the effects the lighting in your space has on how you see colors. 

  • ToddGroves 

    I think this image explains my wish for a change to inheriting parenting. I have text which is parented to a background so they move as one. I duplicate the text and background and move the new background. It leaves its text behind because it's parented to the old background instead of the duplicate.

  • I wish the list of composites in the media panel had thumbnails of the first frame to help identify them visually. (I know they get a thumbnail if they're turned into a proxy but that's not always practical to do all the time)

  • @THX1139
    It looks like you just have to change the parenting to "None", or a new parent. It doesn't require any change to Hitfilm. I don't see how it's any more complicated than that.

  • Yeah but I wish I didn't have to so I came here to make my wish. Most of my wishes could be resolved if I "just did this and that" every time but nonetheless, I wish the software did it for me.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @THX1139 unfortunately at times changing a feature for users A, B and C would mess things up for users X, Y and Z. In the case of duplicates changing parenting automatically, I often set up large arrays by duplicates where auto-changing parenting would imped THAT workflow. So I'm just gonna "-1" that particular wish. ;-) 

  • @Triem23

    Are you duplicating the parents as well as the children(?) at the same time when making the arrays? 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yes, since the layered elements all lock to yet a third master point. 

  • A huge part of what makes Hitfilm, or any vfx/editing software, so powerful is the fact that we have access to so many controls and settings. Being able to manipulate and animate so many aspects of sounds and visuals expands the possibilities of what we can create. If we start automating our choices, we begin to limit and hinder those possibilities. We quite literally handcuff our creativity. Maybe creating templates for certain constructs and workflows might be a better way to go. Thoughts?

  • First, I was using HF Express 2017 for a short while and then decided to upgrade to Pro. It was not so much because this would replace AE altogether (I have AE CS6), yet it can certainly do a lot (and this is comparing a software that has only been around since 2011 with one that has been around since 1993!). My purchase was to support a piece of software I would like to see developed more and to gradually incorporate it into my workflow.


    This is by no means a complete list (and not necessarily in any order) because I have not gone through all of HF Pro 2017, but this is what I have noticed so far. I went through a number of different tutorials and The Rebellion Masterclass and as I was doing them, I took notes and came up with a list of things I would like to see improved. I also realize that many, if not all, of these things have already been mentioned, it just doesn’t hurt for the makers of HF to hear it again :)


    Here we go:


    -Need slower scrubbing of values (in Control panel in particular) when holding down Opt, Cmd, etc…

    -Would like to add effect by just double clicking it when layer is selected instead of having to drag it.

    -Need shortcuts for properties (P,S,R,T, etc..)!!!!!!! pretty please

    -Ability to show only keyframes with shortcut!!!!! double pretty please

    -Adjust screen font size for laptops (I use a 15” MBPro, Core i7, 16GB ram, with AMD Radeon R9 M370X and Intel Iris Pro)

    -Make effects controls menu dynamic when possible (i.e. does the Curves graph really have to be that big?)

    -Resize assets/media that you bring in (Preview mode is so big) or have a small window above (like in AE and Motion) when you click something in “List” view and see preview above

    -No shortcut to “scale to fit” in viewer

    -Need shortcut to reset camera view

    -Ability to lock a control so you can see it and adjust it even when not on that layer

    -Shortcut to collapse all layers in Comp at once

    -Shortcut for camera - cycle through each when pressing “C”

    -Make video transitions work on comps or layers (so valuable). Sure there are workarounds (see Double Exposure tutorial) but this feature makes it so much easier. 

    -When drawing a lot of masks (site Rebellion tutorial), system slows, even crashed once.

    -Be able to toggle mask (and shape) layer visibility to see things like feathering better.

    -Align/distribute, etc... tools - not just for text. Also pivot point position tool. Needs to work on masks, shapes, etc...

    -An anchor point tool like the Move Anchor Point script for AE

    -The ability to center things is very imprecise.

    -Ability to maximize a view or part of UI (where mouse it over)

    -Be nice if when you dropped an effect on a layer and it opened up the effects window, or at least, the effects tab opened

    -An “Adaptive resolution” setting for viewer

    -Graph editor curves are not smooth. Hard to really get a feel for what you are doing. For those who want to do more animation, and live in the GE, this is not good at all.

    -Preview should not reset when you move playhead (especially if you have already “Ram previewed”  it and not changed a thing)

    -If I preview whole timeline and have “loop” on, it should loop. I shouldn’t have to press “Play” button. I accidentally pressed Ram Preview again (buttons so close)  and had to wait...Again!!

    -A “Draft” resolution in viewer to greatly speed up viewer

    -Ability to click visibility checkbox (on or off) for multiple layers by running mouse over them.

    -Better RAM preview and handling of large files. It doesn’t take much to slow things down (hence the discussion of the Day and Night tutorial)

    -When RAM Preview, tracking data disappears in Viewer for Point layer. When just press play (spacebar), it doesn’t.


    I would also love to see Shape layers but I also realize it took AE 14 years to get them ;( 

    In the meantime, there is Blender (free) and Motion 5 ($49). 

    For Motion - Ripple Training and Simon Ubsdell youtube page are invaluable. A must if you want to create VideoCopliot-like stuff.

    Too bad FXHome can't buy Motion and incorporate it into HF  :)


    Well that's my 2 cents so far, probably only really worth 1 cent at the most, but there ya go.


    Best to all!

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