THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • If this is not in Hitfilm already, could you please add support for multiple audio tracks?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @SheepaKing, simply drag audio tracks below existing tracks and Hitfilm will create a new track for you. 

  • @Triem23 Sorry to be confusing, I meant support for videos with multiple audio tracks.

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    @SheepaKing no worries. That, Hitfilm doesn't support yet, and that would make peoples lives easier. 

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    The ability  to import  .psd files 

  • Hitfilm  needs a inhouse 3d tracker instead  of going out to matchmover and importing the data in

  • mocha does 3D camera tracks and it is included in Hitfilm.

  • Now that Hitfilm 2017 has an intermediate "edit" format support for exports,  and FxHome commonly recommends the use of said formats, Maybe it is time that Hitfilm have a transcode utility to help users transcode their source media to the edit format.

    One can do this in Hitfilm but it is extremely tedious to create a comp for every media file and queue that into the export queue. It should be easy for Hitfilm to be so much better than that.

    Hitfilm has the guts that does the dirty work in the render client executable. All that is needed is a user interface to open a dialog to select files and choose the transcode output quality (codec is fixed) and choose a destination folder.

    To be really fancy one can have a trimmer window and send trimmed pieces to the render client queue.

  • If markers are not on the list already, that would be a great addition. (M to place a marker)

  • A limited version of the partical simulator and 3D model stuff in express.

  • 3D materials improvements : it would be useful to have a couple of sizing  and moving options for materials in the 3D model import window or in the model properties, so you could adjust the texture placement without having to modify the UV in a 3D software. It would be nice, too, to be able to apply a texture and material options to a 3D plane generated in Hitfilm, to create mirrors or other textured walls or floors.

  • An effect that can take all changes that were made to a layer and put them on another layer.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @D1a1v1e1 that's basically what embedded composite shots are for. 

  • The ability to link an audio track to multiple video tracks (and vice versa, perhaps) in the editor for editing multiple camera views of the same activity.

  • @mscureman : What if you move one of the master tracks ? All the others will be out of sync ? 

  • Hey, here are some suggestions I have for Hitfilm Pro 2018 or the next update for 2017.

    •  Something similar to AE's roto-brush tool/Photoshop's quick selection tool
    • Basic 3D model creating inside of Hitfilm
  • My number one is to HitFilm finally gets a real edit abilities kick. The VFX side of HitFilm is pretty good now, there are some lacks but it is good as is. But when it comes to editor part it's far away from other NLE software available. I want to make my movies in Hitfilm only, because it is simplifies many things. But editor timeline needs improvements. If You ask what exactly, I point You for example to Davinci resolve editor. It's fast, nice and comfortable. When I wan't to fade in a clip I've just grab footage corner and make it fades. In HitFilm I'm not using editor timeline at all, because it not supports keyframing, track effects, it is very basic in my opinion.  So I making a whole movies in one big composite shot, stacking each scene one after another, then stacking shots composite shots inside scenes and so on, loosing a linear scene layout goodness.

    There are also many shortcuts missed and many lacks in frequently used  functions when editing or composting. There should be a simple way to do a common scenarios, not just click, click, open menu, click, click, move cursor, click click click. You can to it if You are working on one scene clip. But when it comes to longer movie with many cuts it becomes a real pain. For example, it's very good that there is a clip stretch tool, but why it is not as simple as Ctrl+grab clip start/end. It's a little faster when editing than switching tools from V to S. Another common task is setting comp's length to OUT marker. Now I have to type timecode from current timeline position to comp's property window manually. There should be a two click operation that makes that for me.

    HitFilm is good but if there are things used frequently that can be done with few clicks less it should be done. I'm also working as a software producer for over ten years and I know how this click-less approach is appreciated by the users ;).


  • HitFilm definitely needs a track select tool. I was working on a 35-minute film with lots of stills integrated, using animated pans and zooms a such. The client asked me to make them longer... and I discovered that to select everything from a selected clip to the end of the timeline, I had to zo out and drag select. Not only is that very tedious, it's also error prone because when you zoom out far enough, individual clips in the timeline become so small.

    Making those clips longer was also tedious, because they were composite shots, which is overkill for the simple keyframe animations involved. Dragging didn't work, but just changing the duration didn't either (it had no effect). Instead I ended up clicking the "match from timeline" button and then dragging the clips out to make them longer, after which I had to open the composite shots and drag out the relevant keyframes.


  • Speaking of NLE clip select. It should support the Shift+Click mechanism to select multiple clips.  The comp timeline supports shift+click to select multiple layers. The media panel supports this. Lets bring it to the NLE. The NLE drag select feature needs a blank area/track to be able to do this.

    And/or a right click context option. Select to end.

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    [Windows] Offers an option to stop the computer from entering sleep or Connected Standby mode during export in process.



  • My request:

    The ability to LOCK the controls panel for a composite shot - that sits in the Final Comp timeline - so that I could adjust settings, while viewing the Final Comp.

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    @Triem23    When  do you think some of these wishlist items will be added to Hitfilm?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 no idea. Mods don't work for FxHome, we're volunteers. I find out about new features when everyone else does. 

  • somthing like AE's puppet tool

  • More glitch effects, specifically bad quality VHS warping and modern digital glitches

  • @Mercifull I agree, and somesort of red, blue and green seperation effect like in some horror films.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @D1a1v1e1 Hitfilm PRO already has a Channel group of filters that can do RGB channel separations. These filters are not available in any Express add-ons, and are Pro-Only features. (And someone's figured out how to do it in Express.)

    @Mercifull Actually, Hitfilm Pro (and, yes, Express) already has the tools needed for VHS warping and digital glitches--they just kind of require you to "roll your own" rather than in a handy plug-in form. VHS warping is oversaturated color (at least six color correction tools can do this), some rolling at the edges (Quad or Bezier Warp) and some interference noise (TV damage--an add on in Express--or regular noise masked on a masked plane). Digital glitches are pixelated areas (DeRez), rolling noise (TV Damage) and sideways distortions (Displacement).

    Not to pick on you guys (D1a1v1e1, take this as a lesson, because I know you're one of our younger users, buddy), but sometimes in VFX the key isn't to look for the pre-built or easy one-click filter, but to think about what the look you want is really doing, what elements make up the look, and what tools you already have that might get you there.

    And a gentle reminder to do your YouTube searches. FxHome hasn't really done any glitch tutorials, but users in the community have. :-)

  • Very helpful. I did search the hitfilm YT page but didn't do a general google search. my bad

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Mercifull it's all good. Actually the two tutorials I linked above are from a page I'd not encountered before! I was looking for what I thought was an AgArtsCo tutorial, but he only made a glitch template. :-)

  • Hitfilm needs a collect files option...AE has one this is a huge time saver if you want to use the program on another computer.

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