Project name?

This might be the stupidest question ever, but where in the interface can I see the name of the project I'm currently working on? Usually in other programs it's in the title bar. I can't find it anywhere in HF? I swear I haven't smoked any funny stuff.


  • Hitfilm does not show the open project name anywhere. I guess you could look at the File menu Open command and the project at the top of the recent items list should be your currently open project.

  • HitFilm doesn't show it anywhere I know of But Windows itself will when you mouse over an open project on the task bar or ALT+TAB.

  • Good call about the Alt+Tab.  

    But really, that is something we ought to put on the wish list.  I can't tell you how many times I've been working on multiple versions of something and can't remember if I'm on project-022 or project-023.

    A little name plate with the project name in the top bar would be helpful!

  • Or a field in the project tab could list the current project name and path.

  • This is what I do.


  • ...and there it is. Nice!

  • Thanks for the helpful replies guys. Love this forum.

    But still. A mystery why they haven't put that in in v1.00000.

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