Filmer 3D for Hitfilm : Design and VFX.



  • Thanks @Stargazer54 and @tddavis

    Leg is almost better so updates soon. :)

  • I'm loving the tire material. Looks like rubber!!

  • OMG that looks awesome Frank! I love it!

  • New Filmer v2.82 release with a bunch of super cool new stuff. :)

    Lost the window to work with some voice over artists for my tuts due to recent weather and a silly leg injury so I've talked Courtney into doing the voice overs for me... the cool part is that she is gonna do the voice overs using different accents which she is really good at so it'll be pretty fun. We'll start on the 24th because she has to go Mermaiding tomorrow.

    Don't freak out... just wait for the tuts. :)

  • Cool beans! Getting it now and switching everything over to it. Can't wait for the tutorials. :) 

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    Awesome @FlyingBanana78 , I'll be up for a while longer so don't hesitate to ask any questions. :)

    Remember this is a whole new Filmer release. It'll create a new 2.82 config folder in the following directory. 

    C:\Users\your_pc\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender

    Also, after you install the first addon, it'll create a new Hitfilm Category in Edit\Preferences\Add-ons making it easier to install future addons. 

    Anyway, I'll be here working on tutorial scripts and maybe some other cool stuff.

    Do me a favor if you could?

    Open up the Mike Pan bmw scene in the new Filmer Pro.

    In Render settings click Adaptive Tiles.

    Untick Adaptive Scrambling

    Change Manual Scrambling Distance to 0.05 or 0.02 and click f12 and let me know your render times. 

    Adaptive Samples only work on cpu for the moment but it is really fast. 

    EDIT: Quick screencap of new Hitfilm Category on right of screen and on the left, some render settings for you to try. 


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    @spydurhank ; Ok just ran a render with the info you listed for rendering settings on the laptop and got a render time of 21 minutes and I will have to look at the previous render times previously for the laptop CPU renderings and also do a render as well with the desktop when I get back home from a doctors appointment. Will have more info for you then.

    EDIT:  Both rendered at the .05 manual scrambling distance suggestion

    Laptop 7th Gen i7-7500 2.7-2.9Ghz 16GB Ram          Time  21:06:17

                                                                                                   July Build           19:08:35

                                                                                                   January Build   15:57:38

    Desktop 6th Gen i7-6700 3.4Ghz 32GB Ram Render Time 7:36.01

                                                                                                  July Build              7:37:73

                                                                                                  January Build     06:52:02

  • Ah I slept the afternoon away. sigh... :)

    Just waking up to some coffee. The new sampling patterns will be confusing if you've not used them before so I'm gonna do a quick 3 to 5 minute video on how to use them to get better render speeds. 

    This should help till after tomorrow when Courtney and I can start the voice over recording for the Filmer tut videos. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Got the new one downloaded but haven't installed it yet.  Been busily scrambling trying to get a Hallowe'en video slapped together.  Lots of flames and smoke etc has my computer smokin' from the overwork :)  Figured it was best not to throw another thing into the mix.  Can't wait to give it a whirl though.

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    So I needed more sleep than I though yesterday, just now uploaded the video.

    A quick rundown of the new Filmer Pro render settings and denoise node addon for you guys to play around with till I complete proper tutorials. Not enough time to get into the experimental Adaptive Tiles option so we'll take care of that in a later video.

    Let me know if something doesn't make sense as this is all about render settings and render sampling patterns along with the new denoise node addon.



    ps, Also working on proper tutorial voiceover scripts for Courtney. Almost done with the first one. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Last night I was rendering a segment of my Halloween vid with regular 2.8 Blender and it was going about 9:30 to 10 minutes per frame. I shutdown after the stream. I decided this morning to load the new Filmer (but so far none of the addons so just base Filmer 2.82) and am getting about 7 to 8 minutes per frame.  So that shaved a few hours off this 60 hr project thanks to Filmer.

  • Cool @tddavis ,

    Are you rendering Volumetrics, fire or smoke? Do you have a lot of geometry? Complex shaders?

    Just wondering how intense your scene is. 

  • @spydurhank ; Intense!  Here's a single frame at the beginning.  Having to use cycles here because of the gate and fence alpha which I tried every trick to get Eevee to work on but it wouldn't.  The fire/smoke comes in about frame 120.  I think the fog volume is the culprit here.  Works much faster in Eevee though so as soon as the fence and gate are out of the picture I'll switch back.

    For the record, I only modeled the Pumpkins last year.  The graveyard is a model I bought for an idea last year that got shelved.

  • Whoa, that looks awesome. :)

  • Accidentally posted this in another thread. :)

    Oh my lord, oh my lord. So a few days after building the last Filmer release and taking a break from writing tutorial scripts,..

    I just completed hard coding a new feature into Filmer called "light groups" which allows us to separate individual light sources into render passes, this in turn allows us to denoise these light render passes. Lights produce a ton of noise and fireflies but this feature kills all that noise, even at very low samples which lowers render times by a whole bunch.

    It only works for a world color map / Environment map, Sun lamp, point lamp, area lamp and spot lamp. 

    Also wrote a new Denoise Node that works much better than the last one and I also wrote a Light Group Node to take advantage of the new Light Group passes... just need to write them into an addon for easy use. It is super fast. :)

    Tested on this simple scene with 2x samples and 2 viewport samples

     Original noisy image, full of fireflies.

    Denoised image and light groups passes combined.

    Changed light source color and exposure after the fact so we have full control over all the nasty noise and fireflies in post. Not a noticeable render hit as this all happens at the same time as denoising in the Compositor. We can have super bright or over exposed lights and not have to worry a whole lot about noise.  Super stoked about this. :)


  • I wonder if it is FX Homes site that is not working with the images cause I see the first noisy image but the other two are not showing. :( 

  • I dunno, sorry you can't see them. It does magic with noise... magic I say. :)

  • I can imagine it does. Can't wait to see it and start playing around with it. :)

  • Testing out some new compositing and shader node addons that are pretty damned sweet before I add them to the next Filmer release.

    The image below was rendered at 5 samples and denoised at 25% with the "Lite" version of my Denoise addon. The "Pro" version allows you to control exposure and color for each "light group" render pass. It is a post compositing process but my addon does all the hard stuff for you. You just have to connect the corresponding node sockets. Takes about a second to denoise a 1080p image. Takes 8 or so seconds for a 4K image. Really cool stuff. Even works with DOF in the last image. :)

    I wrote a shader addon that creates enhanced Principled BSDF and Principled Glass BSDF nodes that can do pretty freaky stuff automatically. There are a lite and pro version of these nodes as well. More later like... viewport denoising in Filmer. :)

  • Oh my god I feel like a pimp. Another Filmer release is right around the corner. :)

    Added some code that speeds up object synchronization when you click f12 to render or you are rendering a final animation. 

    The first time you render, the sync load times are normal, Check the meta data on the bottom right of the image for sync load times. This is official Blender 2.8 load times. Took 26 seconds to first load then render the bmw scene for a render time of 1 minute and 32 seconds

    And this is the new Filmer load times, same thing check out the meta data. Took less than a second to load and then render for a really nice boost in render speed at 28.48 seconds. :)

    The pic below took 9 seconds to sync and 10 seconds to render for a total of 22 seconds.

    This second render took 1.72 seconds to sync and 10 seconds to render.

    And playing around with my new Glass Shader. It does all of the cool stuff that glass does and it is fast. :)

    Here I bumped up the geometry to over 4 million tris but it is still really good, load times only took five seconds and 12 seconds to render. :)

  • @spydurhank ; This glass spheres look awesome!!!  Waiting here with bated breath...I'm a master at that.  Found a place for that silly pun after all.  Seriously, Im loving the progress you've made with speed and the shaders.

  • Thanks @tddavis , you guys are gonna really dig this release. :)

  • Last couple of tests of my new Glass shader before releasing the next version of Filmer. Tossed the shader into an old Hitfilm and owmycgi Logo demo file. The Glass Caustics are super nasty, I cranked them up a little in the last image for better visibility. :)

    While creating the shader I noticed a similarity with how the Gargantua Blackhole was made in Interstellar and all the cool things that my Glass shader was doing with the surrounding 3D objects and environment map... really cool stuff. Tomorrow I'll post a pic of a Sphere with my glass shader applied so you can see what I'm talking about. Crazy! :) 

  • Yes! Glass! All hail Frank! Awesomeness at it's finest. That is looking really sweet!

  • Thanks @FlyingBanana78 ,

    I'm gonna render a short animation in the morning but I can't wait for you guys to get your hands on it. Soon. :)

  • I'll have the new Filmer build uploaded tomorrow morning, sorry it took so long, had to make sure the workaround for the animation render bug actually works, so many stress render tests later, I ran one last Combined Render and tossed it along with the 3D scene into secret software. :)

  • And finally done testing the new build. :)

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