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  • I think one of those flew over my house the other day! Just how far are you taking these models?
  • Thanks guys. :)
    @ ESP, I think that I'm gonna use bump and normal maps to add as much detail as possible rather than adding a ton of greebles. It's fairly easy to rig a model in Blender.
    @ Triem23 & Stormy, :)
  • Wow you are amazing at blender! Thank goodness that we have such a great free tool to use! I guess I'm going to have to start doing more tutorials!

    Thanks for entertaining me!
  • Thanks Caleb. :)
  • Thanks guys. :)
    @ ESP, I think that I'm gonna use bump and normal maps to add as much detail as possible rather than adding a ton of greebles. It's fairly easy to rig a model in Blender.

    I'd been doing that, but mapping never seems to give me the look I want as well as detailing the mesh by hand does.  The only exception was when I needed to smash up a large robot, so I just used a render of the robot as a texture and wrapped it around a sphere with a heavy displacement map. heh

  • Yeah I get that too. Some of my hard surface models need a ton of geometry, sometimes a million plus faces, just to look decent. I'm thinking that lower poly models with high res textures, specular, bump & normal maps around 4096x4096 should fix that. 
    So we have a trade off between high res textures or high poly counts... they both take up a lot of memory but I think that, the more detailed the textures, the better the model will look. 
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    Shouldn't a high-res normal map overcome some of this limits of low-res geometry?
  • Looks like a mix of the Normandy from Mass Effect, the dropship from Aliens and something SHIELD operatives might fly around in. I like it!
    In fact, the only bit of the silhouette I'm not keen on is the nose. It seems too pointy in relation to the rest of the ship's chunky design. A squarer or rounder nose would be more in keeping with the rest of the design, I think (like a helicopter or, indeed, the Aliens dropship).
  • Triem, yeah, high res is the way to go.
    Thanks Simon. :)
  • Here's another military style concept. Having fun. :) 
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    I like how the wing nacelles resemble grasping arms. Looks a bit like this could link with other vehicles to form Hanktron!
  • Triem23... Vulcan hilarious dude!  :) 
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    It would be so awesome to have some super-cluster-computer-system and do those kinds of effects like in that Stalingrad VFX reel! :) It's not upto just skill at that point but loads of computer performance lol! :)
    edit: Ooh hoho it was a while ago :P.. Well anyways, keep it up, dude! :D
  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff
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    Same here - I love that the wings look like grasping arms.
    It's so difficult to come up with original designs for spaceships and military themed aircraft, but this is really different - I like it!
    The only thing confusing me is whether or not those 'grasping arm wings' are supposed to be symmetrical. I can see in your 4th/5th and 6th picture that they are pretty identical but on the first and last picture I feel like they are opposite or flipped - e.g. using my own hands as an example, it's as if one of them is the shape of my palm pointing upwards, and the other is my palm pointing down (just thinking in terms of being streamlined).
    Are they curved slightly differently or is it the perspective that's messing me up? Of course, this may be something you intended to do :)
    Can't wait to see what these look like with textures!
  • I really like the front view shot of this model it looks so good!
    Some aspects of this craft reminds me of a predatory bird like a hawk, or falcon....  I like it, it's aggressive....  I could totally see Falco from Starfox maning this craft....
  • Oddly, I actually really like the quad fins on the back, and part of me actually wants them to be on the FRONT, alongside the cockpit somehow. Or maybe even have the fins spread all the way along the length of the central part of the ship, like spines on the back of an animal.
    That wouldn't make much aerodynamic sense, but it'd look cool. ;P
  • Thanks KirstieT. I'm using a mirror modifier on this ship so everything is symmetrical. Check out the bottom and top views.
    Thanks Orange Pekoe. :)
    Simon... do me a favor if you can. Download a few of the pics that I posted in whatever angle you like, think you could doodle the extra fins where you think they should go in PS or Gimp? Just wondering if you could because it sounds like a great idea. Hmmm... it's an awesome idea! you've got a good conceptual eye dude. ;)
  • Did a bit more work on this. Tweaked the exhaust a bit and added a bunch more detail. Almost ready to start texturing this bad boy. :) 








  • I will do that if I can find the time. :P

  • Sir spydurhank- Can I get one of those with a spoiler? ;)
    Can't wait to see the texture applied!

  • Ha! Thanks Stormy.  :) 
    Added guns and an extendable mechanism for missiles. Cleaned up the mesh to lower the poly count a bit.
    I'm debating on what the landing gear should look like... tires or?... I don't know yet. Ideas anyone?




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    I think this looks very bird of prey (not in a Klingon/Romulan way). I think the section on the end of the wing looks a bit like taloned arms, yet like feathers. I think the fans atop the wings extend through for VTOL capability.
    I think this SpydurHawk already has landing gear. Rotate those forearm-like structures, and have those last extentions at the front splay, clawlike, digging into the ground...
  • Triem23, thank you. That's a great idea.  :) 
  • Yeah, this is definitely a VTOL craft, no need for traditional wheels.
    Incidentally, the more I look at it, the more this looks like it should transform into a robot.
  • I set aside a few hours today to texture this model... this is just a practice type, placeholder texture. It was painted partially in Blender & the rest was hand painted in Gimp. I may or may not repaint the whole thing... depending on how it looks after I add weathered, identifying serial numbers & other decals to match the rest of this old looking fighter.






  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    That is a thing of beauty. Did you alter the geometry? Looks like you added swivel points to the wings to drop the "forarms.
  • Thanks Triem23.
    Yeah, I reworked the mesh so that the wings will rotate to use as landing gear.
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    Looks pretty cool.  I'm digging it.  But if anything, it might be a little too weathered on the texture.  I don't think I'd fly in anything that rusty.  lol  :D/
  • Thanks ESP.  :D 
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