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  • Been testing official rc3 all morning looking for anything weird, I'll port my code over once I'm done. :)

  • Cool beans! I haven't even bothered to download the rc3 yet to give it a run through. 

  • It is doing alright so far. :)

  • Hey guys, hot stuff coming through. :)

    I got a pseudo hack for combining camera depth of field from both Filmer and Hitfilm and it is freakishly fantastic.

    Couple of screens from a video clip further below.

    Quick video

  • Hey guys,

    I took an extra day of coding to make sure that startup bug in Rc2 is no longer present and all should be pretty good so I've uploaded an updated Filmer Rc3. Go check it out. :)

    More info and other cool stuff in the coming days.

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    Frank, I downloaded Filmer RC3 this morning, but I am still getting the startup bug just like in RC2. Maybe it's my machine???

  • @spydurhank @FilmSensei ; I got the same last night when I downloaded but decided to wait to see if anyone else had the issues as before.  It does seem to get a bit further in the process before closing though.  Sorry, Frank. 

  • Hey guys, @tddavis and @FilmSensei

    sorry about that, this startup bug is nuts.

    It is not present on my machine with Filmer or official Blender 2.80 Rc3 but official Blender 2.80 Rc3 is affecting a lot of other users so we need to give Blender devs more time to fix it. 

    I'll keep up with it but is super weird because I've been using the Filmer build on my machine almost nonstop since Rc2 release when the startup bug appeared only once. Everything works on my machine so it is very strange.

    It is for sure, not your specific machines or anything like drivers, it is just an internal code thing the Blender Devs need to figure out. They were expecting lots of bugs anyway and this is obviously one of them, telling by how many startup crash reports are coming in.

  • @spydurhank ; What's even weirder is that I ran RC2 and now RC3 basic with no issue like all the reports, but then again, I don't get into really heavy lifting with Blender or Hitfilm so that's probably why I have good luck.  Don't stress over when it all shakes out it'll be great.

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    @tddavis ,

    Yeah It is weird. Some folks report that putting the Blender 2.80 folder in a public location like "Documents or "Downloads" fixes the startup issue. Whatever it is, it should be taken care of pretty soon.

    EDIT: Luckily everything is fine on my system so I've been experimenting a bunch exporting 3D scenes with different animation types from Filmer to Hitfilm. So far we can do Cloth sims, organic mesh deformations, character animations. hard surface animations, and the latest is particle sims. Soft body dynamics and demolitions are next. :) 



    @spydurhank ; Ah, that might be it.  I have been unzipping the folders on the desktop  and running them since there's no installation process.  Your splash screen is looking really awesome btw.

  • @spydurhank I have no problems running RC2 or RC3. I have put them on the C Drive. Unfortunately, Filmer doesn't load at all. I have no idea why. Sorry!

  • @tddavis ,I think the Desktop should be okay but it doesn't make sense because my Filmer build is in a separate 2nd harddrive from my operating system and I run it by first having sent a shortcut to the desktop and it works. I can run the Filmer .exe from my 2nd harddrive or from the desktop shortcut. 

    @FilmSensei ,I've also used official Rc2 and Rc3 with only one startup crash issue on Rc2 but both are now working on my machine alongside Filmer Rc2 and Rc3. I feel very bad that you guys aren't able to benefit from the past two release candidates. I've been spitting out animations and renders the past couple of days with only a few weird crashes during animation renders. Definitely not a user or system problem although the crash seems to only affect certain systems. We'll simply have to wait for this bug to cleared up.

    I think in the meantime I'll keep working on the Camera DOF and motion blur so that it matches up in both Filmer and Hitfilm. I already have the basis for DOF and although at the moment it is a manual dial-in for dof in Hitfilm, it is pretty simple.  

  • Confirmed here as well Frank. - Current Filmer Rc3 will not open here. Tried all things, different drive, Documents folder, adding a config folder to the base folder. Nuttin.

  • Frank. I installed Blender release candidate 3. Works fine...but I notice that the Hitfilm Auto Tools is available from N.

    Why would that be???

    It seems there is a shared config file somewhere???


  • Hey, sorry guys I was out of the office for a few hours.

    @GrayMotion ,

    The installed Filmer Addons are saved to the config folder so they will work in any of the up to date official Blender 2.80. Beta to Rc3. The config file is over in app data/roaming/blender foundation/blender/2.80/config

    I've seen reports of some other addons conflicting with other addons "or something like that" that can also cause the same startup clash.

    In Blender you can reset the "startup file" to defaults which uninstalls any 3rd party addons. In some cases this is clearing up the startup bug. I haven't had any startup issues on my side so can't honestly confirm what it could be. 

    Chin up ya'll, I'm sure the Blender Devs will take care of it soon. I did try to open up Filmer on windows 7 over on my old Alienware machine but that was a no go.

    Also I made the mistake of not posting some info on my site like, Filmer is currently only supported and built on Windows 10 64bit OS. I've received one report that my addons "not Filmer" actually work on a Mac machine.

    I am planning on Building Filmer for Macs but it requires me to purchase a mac machine and other gear so I'm about to start a funding thing to get the word out about that.

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    I'm getting the same crash on startup with filmer-rc3-7-26-19-a.

    Intel i7 6700HQ (Intel HD 530), Nvidia GTX980m (8GB), Windows 10. GeForce Driver 431.60 release date 7/23/19, Intel HD 530 driver, release date 5/28/2019.

    Windows 10 shows I have a pending OS update for July, 2019. I'll install that now and try to open Filmer again.

    Still probably related to the larger Blender issues you've seen reported.

    *EDIT* Huh.... I have a message that says my version of Window 10 goes "end of life" November 12, 2018. Windows 7 end of life is January, 2020. Why in the HELL is a version of Windows 10 going "end of life" before Windows 7?

    Right, because Microsoft is really annoying. I almost forgot.

    *EDIT 2* Yup, after running Windows 10 updates, still crashing, oh, but it seems I have to upgrade from Windows 10 build 1803 to build 1903. I'll check one more time.

  • @spydurhank ; After reading GrayMotion's post above about Filmer Tools and remembering that I noticed they would show in regular Blender 2.8 a while back implying shared files somewhere, I decided to be some what brave (or stupid) and excise all keys of 2.8 from the registry and then run Filmer first to see if it was some sort of conflict, but alas no joy. I was surprised at how many registry keys there were for 2.8 given that it just runs from a folder has never been "installed" though.

  • @Triem23 , I just updated to Windows 10 build 1803 to build 1903 and everything works, I did notice that Filmer takes about 10 to 12 seconds on first startup, gonna keep going till this is resolved.

    @tddavis , That is an excellent thing to do. It is an internal Blender thing so the best solution for a user to be sure that there is no conflict on the user side is to set Blender preferences to default values but as I said, this is not a possible user conflict because this bug just crept up during Rc2.

    This bug did hit me once during my first rc2 build but after re-checking my code to be sure everything was correct which it was, so I made no further changes and simply ran another build and all is back to normal. The bug has not returned on my machine... yet.

    Well, I'm gonna spend a little time with Courtney, she's driving the folks to Savannah for their anniversary later today but I'll be around.  

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    I'm going to revert back to the last known working version of Filmer. The last working version I have is 2019-01-26 15:19 

    I also have a versions:
    2019-3-16 12:02 (mouse does not work)
    Filmer Candidate 3 (won't launch)

    Is there one I don't have?

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    @GrayMotion ,

    I'm pretty sure you've gotten every Beta release to the present.

    Gimme a few minutes and I'll have a 2.81-Alpha release uploaded and ready for you guys to test. I just built a version which is basically a test to see if that start up bug is gone as I think I may have discovered the culprit but need to know for sure. I'll shoot you guys an e-mail in a little while.

    Edit: It is ready guys. :) Please give it a whirl and let me know if it starts up for you.

    To note, Before uploading I've loaded factory settings so that everything is set to default values and no 3rd party addons are activated and also so that my user preferences don't accidentally mess up your user preferences. It is good practice to load factory settings, it makes it simple to identify any addon conflicts.

    I just downloaded from my website to my desktop and Filmer opened right up without issue, let me know how it goes for you guys.  

    @tddavis , Thanks. :)


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    @spydurhank. Cool Frank.  I won't be at home until this evening to download it,  but @GrayMotion I have a Filmer release from May 25, I think it was just before RC 1 which I was using ok.  I can upload them this evening to my OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive if you'd like and it's necessary.

  • @spydurhank It is opening and rather quickly as well. Now to get back into tinkering around in it. :) You hear it a bunch but awesome stuff here Frank!

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh dude. Thanks and I'm super glad it worked . Just need the rest of the guys to give it a spin to know for super duper sure. :)


  • Yeah, it runs on the laptop and the desktop so that is 2 out of the beta (alpha) testers that it works on.

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    @FlyingBanana78 , Thanks. :)

    YES!!! :) 

    I've got an incredibly sneaky suspicion that the startup bug may not have been a bug the whole time you guys. Heh... :) I'll explain later when the other guys chime in but if it is what I think it is, you guys are gonna laugh at how ridiculous funny it is. :)

  • I am delighted to say that it opens for me as well. I believe that Blender 2.8 will officially be released tomorrow. Frank, now that we have arrived, so to speak, what is your plan from here, and what help do you need from us?

  • Startup bug gone. 2.81a loads right up.  👍

  • @spydurhank ; I am at one of the daughter's watching the two autistic grandkids but I went ahead and downloaded it to her laptop which I just loaded Hitfilm Express 12.3 last week and it runs like boss.  I put Blender 2.8 on here back on 7/11/2019 so I believe it is the last update before RC 1 (but not 100% on that.)  When I'm home this evening I'll check it out on my big rig and my laptop.  That one will run HItfilm 2017 Pro but nothing newer will install so that's a good test candidate.  I only have Blender 2.79 Final on it though.  And ditto Sensei's question, what do you need?

  • Hey @FilmSensei and @tddavis,

    Oh I'm super glad that Filmer is working for you. :)

    Yes, tomorrow everything should be working just fine with everything when 2.81 is official. 

    Well, I've had some donations from a single Mac user to help with purchasing new gear so I can begin also coding Filmer for Macs which I really want to do so more folks can benefit. I already know how to build for Mac and Linux as they are a part of the coding Blender class that I'm in, so I just need to purchase the gear. This is inspiring for me, that a single Mac user would donate more than once because he really wants it and I really want to make it available to him for his contribution. :) But for sure I need to do more work with possibly getting crowd funding, not just the Filmer for Mac project but I also need to do way more/better on Filmer as a whole to get better attention. I'll have a little help with this when Courtney and the folks get back from Savannah in a few days.

    The one thing I'm pretty much dead set on is that what I've learned here on the forums should be free for everyone to also learn from because I wouldn't be able to do what I can do if it weren't for all of the folks here. :)

    @tddavis @FilmSensei @Triem23 @GrayMotion @FlyingBanana78 ,

    As far as tutorials and such, the tools are designed to be used at any skill level and are multi purpose so they play nice with many industry and custom workflows which keeps the user comfortable no matter what they are doing. That said, if you want to make tuts, please do, and use the tools to fit your needs and use them the way you want to use them with no restrictions, that way we all benefit from the most important part which is your perspective. 

    If anything... you guys will get to tuts way before I do so if you wouldn't mind and you have the time or even think that it is a good idea, I would love for the five of use to get together for a short Skype chat so I can show you the magic button as it were, to exporting an entire 3D scene from Filmer to Hitfilm. At least this way the knowledge is out there and people will know about it and how ridiculously simple it is, so much that they are gonna wonder why this has never been done before. Believe me it is the easiest thing in the world and will fit right in with your workflow no matter what it is and inspire you just a little bit. :) Please let me know if you guys are available and we'll set a time and date because you simply must see it. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it. :)

    For now I'd only be able to show you the process in Hitfilm Express till Pro 13 is released. The reason for this is that I don't know who all is an official Hitfilm Beta tester and I don't have a tally of who is or isn't, so showing you process in Pro 13 is a no. no. 

    Other than that, keep creating and simply show what you've created. Let me know what you guys think. :)



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