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I import a clip from my Canon HD camcorder and there's no sound at all. Anybody experienced this problem? The project sample rate and the clip sample rate agree (48000 Hz), the track is not muted, what could I be missing. I play the same clip with the Canon software and I hear the sound. I go back to Hitfilm and there's no sound. I import another soundifle to HitFilm and I can hear it. ?????


  • It may just be the type of video format. I do not understand how codecs and formats work on a deep level, but I know that sometimes, even with common formats like .avi or .mov, I have to convert my videos to make them work. You could use format factory or, if you have sony vegas movie studio, render ou from that and the clip will work. This is inconvenient, I know, but it works for when you have those stubborn clips. This may not even be the problem, but my solution might help. Hope you get it working.
  • If the audio is in AC3 format, which isn't compatible with Hitfilm (yet), that could be the issue. Check the format of your audio, compare it to the list of compatible formats here, and see if that explains it. If it is in AC3, we are working hard to hammer out a licensing deal with Dolby so we can implement compatibility as soon as possible, and it should hopefully not be too much longer now. If it isn't AC3, let us know exactly what format your audio is in, and we'll look into it.
  • Thanks Axel. It is indeed an AC3. Hope HitFilm can get this resolved soon.
  • Pfrct Dark:
    Thanks for the advice. I've been going about it the same way by using another software as a go between. Hopefully HitFilm will enhance it's audio capabilities soon.
  • I have the same is giong to be a real pain as I am struggling to make up a short film with lots of additioanl sound effects along with gun fire and explosions....
    I seem to be one step forward with this software and then another one back....lets hope for no other problems ...
  • I have lots of sound issues too. Sometimes imported videos have sound, sometimes they don't. Sometimes I also get a "please wait while hitfilm is building a sound preview" or whatever the message is, but the sound never comes and I keep getting that message. It's a bit of a pain when syncing up certain things, but I've had to resort to just doing effects and simple video edits in Hitfilm then using Powerdirector, or Audacity to edit the audio, then mix the 2 together with Powerdirector. It would be nice to do it all in Hitfilm. Perhaps it's my slow computer? I will know soon when my new one arrives.
  • Any time you are having trouble with your audio, please let us know what format the audio is in, so we can look into it.
  • I tried adding an .mts video clip, and there was no sound.
  • Its primarily the format of the audio that is the issue, not the format of the video. If the video was .mts then there is a good chance the audio is in Dolby AC3 format, which is not currently supported by Hitfilm.
  • As a matter of fact a majority of the files I encode with Powerdirector are all .mts, so I guess there's my problem. If I run into any more sound issues with other formats I will let you know. Thanks.
  • Hi there , I'am having problem with audio effect ,anybody experience this problem the only thing it does is a constant sound tone I can do the visual effect but I can't add any audio effect , i would like to know what am I doing wrong., thanks
  • If it helps at all, all my video files were in fact .mts. I used a free .avi to .mp3 converter to get the sound from the video and put it in as a separate file onto my production.

  • My audio format is in AAC and I'm having the same problem, the file format is mp4 

  • @MrSnuffleman I am guessing you are in Hitfilm Express 3? I think you need the Premium Format Add-on for AAC, but I am going to tag @Ady from staff to verify. 

    Ady, this thread dates back to 2011. Maybe close this thread since OP dates back before AVC support in Hitfilm? 

  • Yes, I'm using Hitfilm 3 express, and what is the Premium Format Add-on for AAC?

  • @MrSnuffleman in the top right of this page there's the menu button. From there, visit the Store and select Hitfilm Express. There you'll see several optional add-on packs that bring new effects into Hitfilm. 

    One of these is the "Premium Formats" pack--this contains decoders for things like Dolby audio and AVCHD video. These are licensed codecs that FxHome is charged for (which is why they aren't in stock Hitfilm Express--FxHome would have to pay the codec owner for each download). 

    This is my best guess as to why you don't have audio. However, I again tag @Ady and @CedricBonnier to verify this. I don't want to give you bad advice and tell you to spend $10 on this pack unless I am certain you need it. 

    AAC is an encoding format for digital audio developed jointly by Bell Labs, Dolby Labs, Fraunhofler IIS, Sony and Nokia. It is a patented format, and the relevant information is reproduced below:

    Hitfilm is proprietary software, not open source, which is why I think you might need the Premium Format Add-on. Sony must be paid. And Dolby. And the rest. 

    "... a patent license is required for all manufacturers or developers of AACcodecs.[36] For this reason, free and open source software implementations such asFFmpeg and FAAC may be distributed insource form only, in order to avoid patent infringement. (See below under Products that support AAC, Software.)"

    Hitfilm is proprietary software, not open source, which is why I think you might need the Premium Format Add-on. Sony must be paid. And Dolby. And the rest. 

  • AAC is not included in the Premium formats pack. The Premium formats pack adds support for AC3 audio, and MPEG-2 video, as detailed in the product description. No add-ons are necessary for AAC audio.

    I would recommend that you contact support, so they can help you work out why your files aren't playing properly.

  • Alright, I figured out what my problem was, but now I have a new problem. I recorded a gameplay video with commentary (my voice), I had to run it through Handbrake real quick, and now when i put it in Hitfilm (3 Express) Only the game's audio plays, not my voice. I think it might have something to do with 2 audio tracks, because I did use one for my voice and one for the game sound.

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    By two audio tracks, I mean I combined them into one audio clip in Handbrake, in Hitfilm's timeline there is only recordings in the "Video 1" and "Audio 1" sections. And I know the voice didn't just get left out after Handbrake, because the video plays with both my voice and game audio in the Windows "Movies & TV" video player thing.

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    You probably encoded the audio as two separate streams. Hitfilm only supports a single audio stream per video file.

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    i know this might not help everyone but i was having trouble with the sound from recording on the app "filmic pro" for my i phone 6, i would import the video to hitfilm but the audio wasnt there. I was saving my videos straight to my video library from the app and that was my problem. for some reason that was messing up the sound so what i had to do was change the settings and save the videos to the app and then send them to my library from there and now the sound works, i know this wont help everyone if anyone but you might have the same trouble with another app or the same app so try this if your having the same problem

  • Hello there! So today (when writing this comment here) I started to try hitfilm 4 express out after a stream, because I wanted to make a "highlight reel." But when I put my stream video which is MP4 format to the editor timeline, there's no audio.

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    @OfficialRePlay HitFilm currently only supports clips with one audio track so if you're clips have multi-track audio you'll have to extract them first. Audacity  with the FFMpeg Import/Export library is a good free tool for that.

    Also depending on what format the audio is in you may need the Premium Formats Pack

  • I had the same problem but it only happened when I imported in bulk. I now have to import my clips one by one. I HAVE 84

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    Same problem but with mp4

    EDIT: Nevermind, it apparently fixed itself. Hitfilm is doing tricks on me

  • I used to just have to wait for the audio to kick in but now it won't come in at all. Why

  • I know right? I hear the volume well when I am editing it but when I import it into a video. I can't hear the volume.

  • Mine usually plays the audio, but for some reason now it shows there is audio for the video but does not play any audio at all I'm not even sure why...

  • HI there, I have a problem. Im trying the hitfilm express 2017.

    The first thing is when I want to export the project to MPEG-2 in order to create aDVD, surprise , no MPG-2  format available to export.

    Now some of my footage are en the AVCHD format, Again I can not import that kind of file, even when I did buy the premium formats package.

    Some other footage i have are .MTS, well although Im able to import those files, they apear without  sound. 

    Please help.

  • Hello. I have HitFilm 4 Express 2017 and I am now running into a problem at the end of my project.

    I have 40 minutes of edited gameplay footage in mp4 video and AAC audio within my project and they have perfect audio and video.

    I recently imported a new clip of gameplay with the SAME EXACT video format and audio codec. However, this new clip never has audio in it. It doesn't even have audio in the previewer, yet when I open the video on my computer it plays with audio.

    If I try to save and close the program, it ends up crashing it and it refuses to open the project ever again as long as the video stays imported. I seriously had to delete the video file in it's original folder just to save the project and get back into it. I really need to know how I can get that audio back.

    Please tell me how this is possible and give me a solution to this problem, I have spent 20+ hours on this project and I am thinking about purchasing the premium for HitFilm. If I keep running into problems like this, I may move on to another product to spend my money on.

    Thank you.

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