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Blog Topic: Filmmaking

How to create the perfect timelapse YouTube tutorial thumbnail

How to create a perfect timelapse

Create the perfect timelapse and hyperlapse with these helpful hints and tips brought to you by Film Empire’s Jamie Luik. We’ll cover camera settings, timing, and give practical advice on what you can do to help ease the process.

what does a video editor do?

What does a video editor do?

A career in video editing might seem exciting and alluring, but what is it exactly and what does take to become one? In this article we examine the role as defined by the film and video industry, with insights into the ideal software for developing such skills.

Filmmaking 101: Fundamentals of Filmmaking

How to make a short film by yourself

The idea of making your own short films or movies need not be a pipe dream. Don’t let a lack of budget or limited resources hold production back by getting creative with the shoot and discovering great software along the way.

How to win 48-hour film contests

Atomic Productions is run by the Adams twins, Andrew and Ben. We first encountered them when they were just starting out, about a decade ago, and with each project they’ve challenged themselves to do better. The results speak for themselves – they’re now professional producers of music videos and corporate videos in Austin, Texas while creating artfully crafted short films in their spare time.

Corridor Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ

Top 15 filmmaking tips from Corridor Digital

While at VidCon, the HitFilm team attended not one but TWO of Corridor Digital’s panels titled ‘Getting Started with Special Effects’ (which also included talented filmmakers Brandon Laatsch, Joe Penna and Zach King) and ‘Pixel Masters – A Corridor Digital Q&A’ to get more insight into their process.

Be a sustainable filmmaking hero

Did you know that a two year study conducted by the University of California showed that special effect explosions, vehicles and diesel generators on Hollywood productions make the film and television industry second only to the oil industry in terms of polluting emissions, as well as being incredibly resource and energy consuming?

5 Tips For Marketing Short Films

It’s finally done. Your blood, sweat, and virtually all of the hours you could have spent watching Netflix have gone into creating a short film.

Printing press

How YouTube and digital video changed the world

How YouTube and digital video changed the world: If you started working with video in the 2000s you never really experienced the bad old days. The 90s were a dark time for the indie, no-budget, student filmmaker. It’s easy to forget how difficult it was to make any kind of amateur or low-budget movie back then – let alone a good one.