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  • MikaelMorrellStinson A couple other additional step that may do it (or not).  After clearing the hitfilm app data folder and the registry entries. Have windows clear temp files. Reboot. (I know, it's old school) After those steps try startin…
  • Posting what fixed it in my case here as well.  This may only help if have have floated the viewer. My system: Win 10, AMD 1700, SSD drives, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB Ram. Floating the viewer on my systems makes Hitfilm extremely unstable.  Once the vie…
  • Yep, floating the view appears makes Hitfilm extremely unstable on my system.  If you are crashing and have floated your viewer here is how I got it functional again. Uninstall Hitflim Express 2017 (this doesn't remove UI settings!) Navigate to …
  • Running Win 10 on a AMD 1700, SSD drives, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB Ram.  I created two short projects, not the most stable program I've used but it got the job done.  However, I floated the viewer to my second monitor on the last project and now Hitfilm …