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  • jsbarrett Much appreciated I'll be looking forward to it.        
  • jsbarrett Look, I'm not here to learn all the ins and outs of the program. The only reason why I signed up at this forum is because I needed some help with recreating the effect. Some quick help - that's it. Is that so hard to understand? Instead I…
  • Anybody? I'd really appreciate it if it was not just a bunch of meaningless words and some videos showing the basics but a step by step simple and straightforward tutorial. Thank you!      
  • That's a misguided approach. How do the skills 'sink in' if I don't have any? How do you expect me to do something you wrote about in your commentary if I have no idea where all those UI elements are??? Every time I come across words like scale link…
  •  @Triem23 Thanks, but now that I watched those 2 videos I'm none the wiser I appreciate everybody's help but all I'm asking for is some clear-cut instructions on how to achieve the moving arrow effect, e.g.  go there, do this, click that, etc. I…
  • I'm sorry, that sounds too complicated for me Scale links? Scale the vertical scale down? Move the Anchor point? Scales in one direction? Scales in one direction, rather than from the middle? Set body Y Anchor position to minus half of the body l…
  • Like this?        
  • @Palacono OK, I did as you said: How do I put the first two composites into the third one?