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  • Well, i mailed with the master of syntheyes Mr. Andersson himself. He told me that  the syntheyes export for After Effects version CS5 would be the best for Hitfilm. So i tried it, but Hitfilm does not import the generated .ma file because of the e…
  • Well..., i suffer the same problem an i think this is due to the image aspect ratio. Which is 1.7777778 and 1/1.77778 gives 0.5625. When i do my solve in syntheyes and before exporting to .ma change my shot with "edit shot" to an image acpect rati…
  • Funny althought all other tools worked without the codec i had to install it for hitfilm. Now it works very nice!  
  • chriguf Nice, i will give it a try!!
    in Bubbles Comment by LuBeDa April 2016
  • NormanPCN Hello, i like your script very much because it takes care on the bitrate. But when i import such converted media to hitfilm there is no video stream. But VLC or resolve does work fine. Any hints on this issue? Greetings
  • Well, i tried another software (Natron) to show what i like to do in Hitfilm How can i get similar or even better results in Hitfilm? Greetz
    in Bubbles Comment by LuBeDa March 2016
  • Have i to buy the new blue essentials ultimate edition for 399$ to use scopes?
  •  @Robin Are there some examples of this "Dimension rift effect" available? I tried to figure out by my self but it is still a secret for me.  
  • Well the new Youtube Uploader in update #7 is looking good and working fine. Well done.
  • I like the laser an the hyperdrive effect and i am looking forward for the tutorials about the "Dimension rift effect". By the way, did i miss the update #6 Greetings from Germany Ludger
  • This is an AE tutorial i think this can  be made with Hitfilm also. Perhaps you can provide also a breakdown or tutorial how to do this in HF Greeting from Germany  
  • Hello, i am using hitfilm only for my hobby, so i dont need perfection. I need acceptable quality. So i use the free batchtool ffmpeg to convert to non interlace. The commandline (for me) is: ffmpeg.exe -i C:\temp\interlaced.mts -vf yadif -vcodec …
  • Here it is. Not perfect, but i hope one can see the solution.  
  • Yes thats it. I will trie to make a little tutorial and upload it directly to youtube.
  • Not really solved :-( I activated the two pass authentication and activated it on all devices. But hitfilm...... still not let me upload videos directly to youtube.