Filming the Eclipse?



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    @Aladdin4d Union Smoke Break. 

    Got lucky! Appointment just getting out, a mere 5 min after max occlusion. Close enough. 

  • @Aladdin4d I'm about a half mile from I-24 Exit 11 in western KY not too far from the center line and we now have a great big ol' cumulus cloud in the way 

  • @Triem23 @tddavis I think I got lucky too on a Union Smoke Break. I think I got a couple of decent shots on the fly. Will post later tonight if I did

  • @Aladdin4d  I got a few but I couldn't get the darn thing to focus decently.  Tried and tried to find manual override but couldn't suss it out.

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    I watched it all on it was great. I wish one of these come to Sweden soon. During the summer the sun never goes down so I wonder if we would have a higher chance, never looked into these things.

  • I live in Virginia, closer to NC and got about 90% of the Eclipse, I was able to look at it, but not able to film, it did not get dark enough, but I did watch it on CBS and was able to see it, so that was neat, can not wait till 2024, it will be close to me again!

    I will be posting some funny clips about what happens when you don't expect an eclipse ;) maybe tomorrow :)

  • Okay so I can't really check these out but it looks like luck favors an idiot once in a while. I can only see these on a mobile screen right now so if somebody looks at them on a larger screen let me know how they turned out.

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    @Aladdin4d  Very nice!!  Much better than my pitiful ones and you managed with the last three to catch the money shot.  With my juggling act of x-ray film and camera and telephoto extender I couldn't get there.  In 2024, I'll hopefully get a better camera with manual shutter and a proper ND filter.  I love the blue you caught.  Through the x-ray I got a kind of orangish glow before totality but the corona was pretty much BW.

    Heading to Totality - Western KY

    In Totality - Western KY

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    @Aladdin4d Diamond ring shots FTW. 

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    @CNK  Hey, did a little googling and found this:

    Don't know if this 'll help you or not, but I think it says there's one a coming next year. Wait, my mistake that's a Lunar eclipse

    Sad to say, you'll have to fire up the cryo chamber, I think.  Looks like the next total solar one is 2126, but there is a partial in 2039!  So plus there 


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    @tddavis I heard in 2024 there will be another total eclipse, not through the whole united states, but more eastern, at least that is what I heard and saw on CBS news. Here is a map and info:

    @Aladdin4d those are some really outstanding, beautiful pictures of the Eclipse! Amazing for sure!

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    @HIS_Films yeah, but CNK is in Sweden. There are total solar eclipses almost every year, but for most of us, most of them require a travel budget to see... 

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    Cryochamber it is...

    And actually, we have an appartment here up north and in Stockholm, the difference in terms of light emitted from the sun is literally day and night. I can show you photos of the sun blinding me up here at midnight. :P

    Not technically summer anymore, and not technically midnight, but close enough I guess, I took this photo with my phone randomly at 21:30 in June (checked the details of the photo). It's near pitch black in August, strange transition from needing blackout shades to be able to sleep just 1 month ago. :D

    (Thanks Google: It's called Midnight sun in English)


  • Oh, well neat! Sorry CNK :(

    @Triem23 isn't it worth it though to see an Eclipse?

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    @CNK  Excellent photo.  Years ago, in 1989 I had the pleasure of being in Dunoon, Scotland the first week of June and it was really strange to go to sleep around 1am and it still be dusky twilight light outside and then get up 4 hours later to the same light.  Never tried staying up all night to see if it ever got black. But I enjoyed my week there.   Any further north like Stockholm would have really messed me up. :)  

  • Absolutely outstanding  captures @Aladdin4d. I'm in total envy sir!

  • @Triem23 Sheer luck this time!

    @HIS_Films @GrayMotion Thanks!! But see my comment to Triem23 ;)

    @tddavis Manual shutter definitely helps and Thanks!! By the way how are you doing after the surgery?

    I believe in Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance but in this case that wasn't an option because of the job so I ended up using my old Panny GF2 and the kit lens for this while taking a real smoke break. I call it my Z roll camera. No in camera time lapse, most controls are through the touch screen which you can't see in daylight and I never bothered to get an electronic view finder for it. All I'll say about the tripod is I'll never speak of it again ;)

    I have the camera loaded with a hacked firmware and tried recording some 2 fps motion jpeg clips pre-totality using some welding glass stripped from an old welding helmet of mine as the filter. Just like you @tddavis it was all too much to try and juggle and even with the hacked firmware there's no way to get manual ISO when shooting any kind of video. Pure Garbage!

    The moral of the story though is if you have the camera, take the damn shot you might get lucky!

  • @Aladdin4d  Coming along.  I'm pretty mobile now without assistance, but if I sit at the computer for more than a few minutes the leg and foot seems to swell, so I can't get any projects done yet...and that's driving me up the wall.   Been mostly using my phone to stay up with the forum and other assorted browsing of the 'net.  Thanks for asking.

  • @Aladdin4d even that video is outstanding, nice! Is that all Raw or did you color correct an of it?

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    @tddavis recovery is a pain. 

    On the other hand, I discovered Hitfilm while in recovery from having my left shoulder rebuilt... Protip--if jumping under a one-ton cart to prevent it from falling on someone else when it falls off a truck liftgate, make certain that person is actually in danger! The line between heroic and idiotic is thin, indeed!

  • @Triem23  Ouch!!!  That would certainly mess up a shoulder...or any other body part for that matter.  Oddly, there hasn't been a lot of physical pain in the hip itself.  Just associated leg issues with the swelling and that discomfort; the actual joint is a whole lot better when moving than it has been for about 3 years.  All in all, I probably put this off a year out of fear of pain for nothing.

  • @tddavis Glad to hear you aren't suffering through any major complications!Films One of my sisters is going through the same thing right now and has about the same compliant so I'm guessing that's normal and will get better soon. 

    @HIS_Films Thanks but it could really be a lot better with more time and a real filter. It might still be handy to study a little closer to recreate something in HitFilm but that's about it. It's untouched from the camera other than changing the frame rate. 

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    @Aladdin4d funny you should mention recreating in Hitfilm... 

  • @Aladdin4d that would be cool to do in hitfilm :)

  • Well if you all look in my thread I just released the video of things that happen when you do not expect an Eclipse :)

  • Excellent photos, Alladin4D!  Nice to read of other people's experiences of the eclipse.  (Well, except for people that missed it...)

    I made the trip to Hopkinsville Kentucky and got to experience totality!  I've been working on trying to make a little video of the experience, but my full time day job gets in the way of my hobbyist activities.  Hopefully I'll have something to post in the next couple days.

    A few observations, and some advice for 7 years from now when the 2024 eclipse happens:
    1. Yes, it is very cool and worth the drive and considerable effort to experience totality.  Make plans to do this ahead of time, then treat yourself.
    2. Go see it in a park or some place with other people.  The shared experience, the collective gasps, and even applause and cheering are magical.
    3. Learn your camera operation ahead of time.  We should have locked exposure, and set for infinity focus, to avoid focus hunting, etc.  We did at least figure out exposure bracketing.
    4. In spite of #3, DON'T BE A SLAVE TO YOUR CAMERA!  After totality was over, I had regrets about having viewed so much of it through my camera viewfinder, rather than experiencing it directly.  Next time around, I might just forego the video and photo efforts.

    Hopefully I'll have a video to post soon, before the eclipse becomes old news...

  • Here's the video I finally finished about the trip my daughter and I made to see the total solar eclipse in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  A few things to  note:

    1. As always, HD (hi def) mode and full screen viewing are recommended.

    2. The video is a "travelogue" of my trip.  If you want to skip right to the eclipse stuff, skip ahead to 2:00 in.  

    3. Yes, I'm really that old.  Probably one of the oldest guys on this site.

    4. We could have done better with some of the footage.  Some focus hunting/out of focus moments, some overexposure.  But overall I'm very pleased with the video (for a hobbyist).

    5. Please, don't burn us too hard about "poor casting choices", "film lacks proper direction", "limited artistic vision", -- you know, normal Indy Film critiques.


  • @TimLan635 Nicely done Sir! 

  • @TimLan635  Loved the time lapse of the progressions before and after.  You got some really good video.  BTW,  I just hit the big 60 with a new hip so I think I got you beat in the age category.  If you came through Paducah on 24 you were a half mile from me.  I get totality in 2024 too, but a little less time than this one.

  • The time lapse photos were done from individual photos taken when we remembered to -- about every 10 or 15 minutes.  Sun is constantly moving, and we had to continually reorient the camera, so the solar disc is all over the place, off center, in the original photos.  In Vegas, I took a "full disc" image on an upper track, zoomed and centered it, and set it for about half opacity.  Then on the lower track I zoomed and cropped each crescent image to fit within the centered disc image.

    @aladdin4d -- Thanks!  It was an awful lot of work in post!

    @tddavis -- I'm not quite to 60 yet, but getting close.  We came down through Cincinnati, to Louisville, to Owensboro and spent Sunday night in a hotel, then Owensboro 9005 west to I-69 to Hopkinsville early Monday morning, as I was worried about 2-lane roads being backed up.  Traffic was no problem getting there, but was a nightmare outbound after the eclipse.  But not unexpected, so we stayed very calm about it.  Had a wonderful trip.


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