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    Well, I know "the client is always right", but if they miss them then you need to pick up the slack. Especially in a video that's pretty much nothing but words. Unless it's intentional slang, then cut'n'pasting into Word would have caught the typos. The missed words? Just do the 'singalong' test and they'll be obvious. :)

    He might not care now, but if someone he respects points it out to him later, who's he going to point the finger at and be annoyed with? (Clue: You) And if he doesn't know they are typos, fix them anyway because he won't know they're corrected either; but then everyone's covered. ;)

    You don't really want to have to explain to your next client - if they spot the typos; and "worty" is pretty obvious - "Yeah, my last client couldn't spell and I didn't correct him, so any mistakes you spot are all on him"

  • Touché, you're right! I'll be sure to triple check next time :)

    Thanks for the advice!

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    TIPS 004: 4 Steps To Deal With Rejection | Possible Indy Mogul Collaboration

    Recently I pitched Indy Mogul an idea for a video and they LOVED it. This video is the result of said pitch. Enjoy!

    (Praying they approve of this final video. Justin said he'd let me know by next week!)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Client approved means not your fault, and rerenders are billable hours!

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    VLOGS 011: Future to the Back?

    It was in at this moment Tristan realized how complicated his concept for a Vlog would be since it wouldn't be uploaded until a year later. Enjoy!

    So what type of music are you into?


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    VLOG 012: Learning to Love Work

    Spending some time with the family before we head out for vacation. If you're confused why I'd say bye to my family if I was about to go on vacation with my family... divorce. Enjoy!
    Side Note: Sorry for the lack of uploads this most recent week, was preparing for college finals this coming week. Hopefully this will tie you guys over until we can get back to our regularly scheduled program ;)
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    TECH 003: Video Stabilization Explained | Gimbals | Optical | Sensor | Software

    Created a short video for one of my college classes. Didn't feel right placing it in the Tips series so time to resurrect the Tech series. Enjoy!

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    VLOG 013: My Editing Improving? I made a Garden

    This episode was originally trash, but I loved the gardening edit so much that went back and I finished it anyways. It ended up being one of my favorites from an editors viewpoint. Enjoy!
  • TIPS 005: Quick Color Grading Technique

    Really behind schedule so I made a quick video explaining how I color grade. Enjoy!

  • VLOG 014: Half Way Around The World | Paris Part 1

    So grateful for the opportunity to travel with my family to Paris. Crazy to think this happened almost a year ago. Enjoy!

  • Just wanted to say thanks for all the support, we recently hit 300 subscribers and I am incredibly grateful.

    Have a great weekend :)

  • Vlog 015: Palace of Versailles and The Eiffel Tower | Paris Part 2

    Visiting the Eiffel Tower at night and the Palace of Versailles. Incredibly Beautiful . Enjoy!

  • Vlog 016: Am I Still Uploading?

    Where have I been? Where am I going? idk... Enjoy?

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    Vlog 017: Exploring the Country Side | Paris Part 3

    I just wanted to play soccer... Enjoy!

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    Vlog 18: Bike Tour, Notre Dame & The Louvre | Paris Part 4 

    Going to miss this place... Enjoy!
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    MUSIC: Bad Habitz - Geno ft. C-Marty & Jarrell (Official Lyric Video)

    My best lyric video yet :)

  • Very nice! Is that all HitFilm?  If so, I'm curious how you animated the kerning of the type at :53.  Was that done via brute force, or via some trick that's not coming to me at the moment?

  • @jsbarrett It was all done using Final Cut Pro in 3 days :)


    Vlog 19: Building A Bedroom/Office | Part 2

    Its about time we continued the office project... Enjoy!

  • MUSIC: If You Want To Tyshan Knight ft. Jor'Dan Armstrong (Official Lyric Video)

    * DJ Kahled Voice *


  • FILMS: Update 1.0

    These last few months have helped me grow and this video is me officially announcing the next chapter of my growth... Enjoy!

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    Nice, I enjoyed that a lot! Keep up the good work!


  • So glad you enjoyed it @HIS_Films! Do you have a channel, I'd love to see your work :)

  • Yes I do! And a thread here on the Forum!

    I do all kinds of different stuff on there, Mostly videos for contests then I recently did a vlog and some action videos, then some videos of scenery, but maybe checking out my Road Trip clips series first :) This is the third one, probably my favorite so far:

    Here is the Channel:



  • TriFlixFilms Awesome stuff. Love your vids, I was just on your channel and realized, how have I not subbed this guy yet!? Just did though. :)

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    Thank you for the kindness @spydurhank!

    That's crazy thought because I love your work, especially the vfx stuff. When I finish this mac, if like to get into blender more and step away from 3ds max... I'd love to collaborate with you :)

  • @TriFlixFilms  I always recommend to people starting out in Blender this series for the absolute beginner by Jacob Lewis.

    It's a few years old but he updated it in 2014 and it really helped me get my feet under under when I got serious with Blender.  I also have been taking some of the Physics sim classes at Udemy which I caught on sale and they have been fun and detailed.  I had hoped to spend this downtime finishing a couple of them but I found that I can't sit at the computer for extended periods without my leg swelling from the new hip down   But some of the things that are built right in in the animation in Blender are fantastic

  • @TriFlixFilms Dude, you are very welcome and I'm glad you stayed positive through your recent experience.:)

    I'm always open to collaborations. Blender is super easy to learn... all 3D apps are. I realized it a few days ago when I was out with the flu. I wasn't doing a whole lot except working on a cloud shader for a few minutes here and there. I took a break from the shader and clicked on a random programming language Youtube video and was mesmerized. I've been watching all kinds of stuff, anything/everything with 3D rendering mostly... and have been hooked ever since. It makes everything else soooooooooooo much easier to understand.

    It's easy is what I'm saying. :)




    BrUH wHERe HaVe yoU EvEN BeEn??!?... Enjoy!

  • Congrats on the passes, and what the heck you been smoking...

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