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Hey, im currently making a short horror film. There is a character in my film that has a smoke effect around him but the smoke is in a form of a circle. is there a way for me to make it so that the smoke effect make it looks as if it is coming off him instead of his belly.


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    Maybe rotoscope him out and use missile smoke?

    Or, rotoscope and use the Quick 3D > Sci-Fi Shockwave, which is a 3D effect, so can be tilted over? Same technique to composite as with Missile Smoke.

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    That more or less covers options in Express. Are you in Pro? 

  • im in express

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     and for Palacono, it is something like the enchantress from suicide squad

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    I'm not familiar with that. If you have a reference video clip, you can post it here if you like. ;)

  • I think he is visualizing smoke drifting down off the character in question, kind of like dry ice fog dropping off its source.

  • @DYEdits  I'm not sure if this will help, but when I was playing around with my remote disappearance clip, I masked off my body on the couch at the exact last frame and exported it as a PNG layer, then applied a particle effect to that and positioned the still image to show only a split second before the effect kicked in.  I used a still since I was making myself turn into the smoke and disappear completely, but I think it would work with a moving video layer as well.  Hope this helps spark an idea or something.

  • @ScottReid OK, well Missile smoke has a Gravity option, so you can set it so that the smoke will drift down. I used it here when I replaced the texture with some stars to try and reproduce one of Tobias' (Surfaced Studio) AE tutorials in Express.

    (Not saying how to do it, it involves digging into hidden folders and other ways to break your PC if you're not careful)

  • @ScottsReid, no it isnt.
    @tddavis ;it should look like the person is producing the smoke


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