storm cloud

when applied it fades out is there a way to reverse this ? I could not find a control that changed it .


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    Not directly. Only way I could find to do it was create a long composite shot - I used 1 minute - then add the Storm Cloud and add a two second fade IN with Opacity Keyframes at the beginning.

    Then duplicate that and offset the second one at about 8 seconds. Then duplicate and offset again by a further 8 seconds and keep on repeating this for as long as you need.

    You then get a new storm cloud fading in at about the same speed as the previous one fades out and it looks continuous.

    Check this out yourself and maybe adjust the fade in speed and offsets, it was just a quick test. ;)

    When editing: I'd be tempted to proxy the final composite shot and then use that embedded in whatever other shot you needed it in to keep the speed up.

  • Thanks I'll try it. I am trying to make a sandstorm for a documentary on  WWII survivors and there are not many of those left. 

  • @dagaffer - Sounds like an ambitious project. Good luck! Will it be posted somewhere when you are done?

  • @dagaffer  A while back I was working on a sandstorm project (that remains on the back burner at the moment but,) but I found a few free VFX stock footage clips at ProductionCrate

    that might be what you are wanting to do.

  • first draft of it is on my you tube channel (Biff Jones) it is not finished but I wanted feed back on what the producer wants. tddavis thanks for the reference but I don't think the clips are long enough . 

  • There are two other Biff Jones on YouTube; not sure how that can happen, but found you eventually. :) With you using it as a storm growing, I think you need to create your stable, large cloud first - not adding to it as you are - and have the scale change and have it moving to show it coming in from somewhere, not just growing on the spot.

  • @dagaffer How long do you need it to be on the screen? Using the Storm Cloud from the Particle Simulator Folder (Not the Quick 3d), you can change the "Life" property (Found under Emitter - Particle System - Movement, or just search for Life in the search bar) to 60 seconds. If you need more than 60 seconds, you can always add a Grade Layer with a Speed Effect and adjust that, but a 60 second shot should probably be long enough I would think.

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