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Hello to everyone, very glad to join the forums.


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    Welcome to Hitfilm! :) 

  • Welcome!  What brought you to this quirky corner of the Interwebs?

  • Hi there :)

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    @PaulineSinclair Welcome to the home of Hitfilm,

    some handy advice to ease you into the Forum, not rules just suggestions.

    • When asking for advice or asking about a problem or VFX shot give as much detail as possible about what is happening, what you are trying to do.
    • Performance issues, give your machine spec, graphics card, memory and OS.
    • Screenshots are links to external pictures, you can't upload to the forum but you can link to images you upload to the cloud services.
    • Apart from those that have the (STAFF) badge everyone else is unpaid and just helping where they can, so be paitent.
    • If you want to share your work, a common approach is to have one discussion thread and update that with all your work.
    • You can use the @ symbol and another users name to include them in the conversation. Note: copying the users name from the thread list does not work (bug) you have to retype it out.
    • One other to search the forum the google site search feature is the best way to find if someone has asked/answered before. Use SEARCH TEXT HERE

    Have fun.

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    @Andy001z a great breakdown. Next time I have the pleasure of being first to say "hi" to a new member, I'll try to remember to offer similar sage advice. 

    I'll add two more forum tips.

    • When seeking an answer to a question, either create a new thread or append an existing thread, but not both. Otherwise the discussion gets fragmented and harder for us (and you) to follow. 
    • There are dozens of YouTube channels and hundreds, if not thousands of tutorial videos. To be slightly egotistical, I'll recommend my own Hitfilm channel, "Hitfilm University." Not only are my own tutorials on there, I maintain playlists for many many other excellent channels, including the official Hitfilm channel, Inscape Digital, Hitfilm Sensei, Red Alert, and tons of others. It's a good starting place to find techniques from a whole bunch of fantastic creators you can then subscribe to. 

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