THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • I am not expert , but these are my suggestions:

    1) More vfx, cuz why not?

    2)More tutorials. Yes, there is a lot tutorials on the internet for hit film, but lot of them is for V2 (HitFilm2). I would like to see tutorials on how to make eye color change, skin glow (like in Iron Fist), energy blast...

    3) Optimization, OK, maby not most important thing, but there is lot of budget movies, which cannot afford good PC to run HitFilm.


    Hope I helped.

  • The ability to render / export with max threads / cores...

    A "throttle" option to choose at render time? at queue level? or job level?

    I just rendered for 90 minutes at 50% CPU and 50% GPU the whole time on a 2013 Macbook Pro, would have liked to get done faster like 45 minutes or 60 minutes instead of 90.

    Sometimes I want max render speed, because I will be away from my computer for an extended period (sleep, shower, eat etc...)

    Other times I want to reserve some resources because I will be doing trivial things while the render is going (emails, surfing, etc...)

    Or give us a way to render a hitfilm project via an external FFMPEG command? or a render engine like AE? render farm?

    Thanks! :-)

  • When someone first tries to edit a compressed video in Express, I think an explanation of editing vs delivery codecs should be presented to them. A lot of people post about it in the forum and it's something I had to go through as well when I first tried to edit footage. I think there are probably many people that don't bother coming to the forum but still blame Hitfilm for the performance problem.

  • The first thing I do when exploring a new program is look up tutorials. I'm a big fan of video tutorials. There's only so much hand holding a developer can do. 

  • Getting back to the request from @THX1139 about changing how duplicates are made when they're parented, perhaps the request could be achieved by adding a new toggle in HitFilm's settings.  If it's off (by default), duplication operates as it does currently.  If it's on, the duplication operates the way that @THX1139 suggests.  Or maybe there could be several choices for how duplication works, pickable from a drop-down menu.

    In short, it doesn't necessarily have to be a situation where a feature (like duplication) changes permanently for everyone.  I think many users simply want more choices.  And to bring back what @ToddGroves suggested about "creating templates for constructs and workflows," perhaps those choices could then be saved into settings templates.

  • Maybe a warning about codecs that aren't ideal at import time? E.g. when someone selects an h.264/265 or vfr codec, provide a warning that recommends transcoding and includes a link to a page or video with info about codecs... most newbies probably won't think about the codec otherwise -- in fact a lot still don't understand the difference between a container and a codec...

  • @WhiteCranePhoto
    I don't know much about the difference between a container and a codec. But, I do know that containers are great for left over spaghetti. Wait...

  • re: a message about codecs when importing h.264

    I disagree, I think this would only complicate things. You would end up with someone who just wants to import some footage from their camera and make some cuts, which the software is perfectly capable of doing, who is then told that their footage is not intended for editing and that they have to go away and learn all about codecs and transcoding. Frustrated beginner gives up and tries a different software.

  • @JMcAllister

    Agreed. Training is a given when working with software that's new to the user. If you import footage and it works with the program you're in, than keep going forward. If there's an issue, you have no choice but to research it. 

  • I didn't suggest that Hitfilm refuses to work on suboptimal codecs. It should be perfectly possible to give the needed information without making them feel like they're being forced. I switched from DaVinci Resolve because I blamed it for the slow performance and some people are bound to jump to the same conclusion in Hitfilm and try to find something that preforms better. 

  • my suggestions:

    • cmd + 0 for scale to fit in viewer, maybe also on timeline for show the entire timeline, dependent of mouse position?
    • replace a media, drag a media or a part of it from the trimmer on a Layer to replace it with all effects and transform edits
      (no relink, only replace on this layer)
    • make it all save as preset with keyframes, e.g. Zoom 0% - 30 frames - Zoom 100% -> save as preset

    Thank you

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    Hi All,

    Hitfilm is really great. But there are some things I thought could be useful for the editing process.

    I tried to use an audio effect on a grade layer. But I could not apply it. So I worked around by saving my effect as a preset an apply it to all of my audio tracks. But when I wan't to change something, I had to follow this process every time.

    So I would appreciate the posibility, to add audio effects to a grade layer.

    Another suggestion is, to scale imported footage and objects by pixels instead of percent. Every other value under transform has the an absolut value (rotate by degrees, move by pixels), but only the scale is a relative size. Is there a special reason for this? Perhaps you can add this as an additional method to scale, so one can do both.

    Some times I have filenames that are longer than hitfilm could show in the media panel. But when I point with my mouse on these files, it would be nice to see a small bubble with the full name of the file, like it happens, when I move the mouse pointer over the file in the composite panel.

    And I support the question for adding VST-plugin-support. :-)

    Best regards


    P.S.: I think it would be nice, if the file name was prefilled with the old file name, when I want to "save as" a new version of the previous one.


    What about making the export work in the background, so that I can work on new projects or edit other ones. If it is a problem to edit projects, that are currently exporting, then perhaps you can lock those specific files. 

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    The GIMP image editor has a perspective alteration tool which puts a grid on the image which can then be pulled around to the desired adjustment and it's quite intuitive. I wish Hitfilm's perspective warp tool was similar.


    I also wish I could copy masks and effects simultaneously from one layer to another (one or more) layer(s).

    And I wish it was possible to make a proxy pre-render of a specific layer in a composite. I have some layers where I've cropped, warped perspective, masked and feathered and adjusted the brightness/contrast and as a result I can't play the timeline back properly without doing a RAM preview but RAM preview is only kept temporarily and I can't use my PC whilst it's made. If I could save a proxy for each layer after I'm finished editing it (obviously, adjusting it will need the proxy to be remade) then I could play it back more smoothly.

  • Hello good morning everyone, I would like to have in composition mode, geometric figures in alpha channel. Also, the tool, neon path, detects the edge of the alpha channel. Or use it's edge mode.

  • It would also be nice to add a grade in edit mode.

  • @AlexBoris
    I would suspect that adding audio effects would be applied to a layer designed for audio, as opposed to a "grade layer" since grade layers are designed for effects targeted to the shot's image.

    Maybe an "audio layer" effect that would be placed above the audio track in timeline?

  • SomniART3D  You have to say it as a wish or it won't come true (jk)


    I wish I could specify more than one folder for proxies since my SSD is too small to hold everything but I also have a HHD RAID 0 pair which would be suitable for this.

  • Should it actually be possible to select layers in the composite shot viewer panel that you've hidden in the layer panel? Would anyone actually want to move stuff around without being able to see it? I have problems with selecting things I can't see (i.e. is set to invisible) when trying to select something I can see (i.e. is set to visible) and I wish that wasn't so.

  • A warp similar to After Effects' Mesh Warp

    I've been wanting this for a long time, and I'm kind of sad it didn't make it into Hitfilm PRO 2017.

  • @ToddGroves

    I am with you, if this is the way it is easier to implement.

    And in addition, it would be nice, if the reverb effects had a slider to adjust the mix between dry and wet signal to which you can add keyframes. At this moment, you can only add it or let it. And gain adjust the overall volume off the effect and the dry signal without the possibility of adding keyframes.

    BR Al

  • I love the way hitfilm has the possibility to replace video files in the editing timeline by dragging the new one over the old ones while holding the "alt"-key. I used this in a shortfilm project, where many scenes are exported composite shots.

    But I didn't get the logic behind it instantly. When I replaced the videos, hitfilm didn't update the name on the timeline e.g. from "total super composite shot 001" to "total super composite shot 002", which is the new video.

    At first I tried many times to replace "...001", with "total super composite shot 003", because this is the filename displayed on my timeline in the editor panel. But accidentily I found out, that I have to drag "...003" over "...002" in the media panel. This makes total sense, but it is in my opinion not very intuitive, since the filename on the timeline is still "...001".

    So I think it would be nice, if the filename in the editor timeline would be updated to the new filename, instead of displaying the old name, when replacing files in the media panel. :-) Then you can see the version of the shot actual used in your movie.

    Best regards


  • I also wish that the names of clips on the timeline would update when the name of the media change (including when I rename composite shots).

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @AlexBoris @THX1139 if you're referring to layer names in Composite Shots this is undesirable behavior. One may have duplicate layers with custom names (like a "Hand Mask")and this would screw it up. 

    Clip names on the Editor Timeline +1

  • @Triem23

    Yeah, I want this on the editor timeline, because I use kind of version numbers on the file names, to keep track, which version is actual used on the timeline.

    If U use a custom name for a layer in a composite shot, then it would be nice if one could see on mouse over which file is used.  

  • I wish that when the size of planes and text layers are adjusted in their properties boxes, their centres would stay in the same place. Currently, the centre of the plane stays in the same place like I want but the centre of the text layer moves to the right by half the number of pixels by which the size was increased.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @THX1139 you realize that would force already placed text to "Jump" positions if the anchor point reset, correct?

  • edited July 2017

    @Triem23, yeah; that's the idea so my text moves with the plane I just adjusted like here (the middle is what happens currently and the bottom is what I want to happen).


    I also wish you could select multiple layers at the same time and change properties like Position and Scale in the Controls tab.

  • I wish that the masking tool when used on a layer with a perspective effect applied, applied the mask after the effect if the effect is switch on or before the effect if it's toggled off (so anyone who likes it the way it is still gets it). 

    The current way is confusing if you're trying to add a mask post-perspective-warp because you can't see what exactly is happening.

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     @THX1139 With that last one: apply the Mask in the layer you are using that embedded composite in, and not inside the composite itself.

  • Palacono  That would mean I need to use a composite in a composite in a composite! That's just too far!

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