[RESOLVED] Mocha Pro 5 Not recognizing serial # from Hitfilm.

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Hi, wonder if anyone can help I purchased Mocha Pro 5  64 bit as part of the recent sale but when I try and go into the software to activate it, it does not recognize my serial number. I've typed it in and also done the old copy and paste. Not working. I've tried contacting Mocha support and of course with the long weekend, no reply.  It displays the full screen but flags an error everytime. Frustrating as this is awesome software. Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Think I know what happened

  • Mocha support are trying to help me but it wont let me get past first log in screen. Very frustrating. I guess I'll just have to see what they say.

  • So as far as I can tell it was just a miscommunication as I was downloading the wrong form of the software.  Now all fixed. Mocha staff very patient. Cudos to them

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