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  • I have no idea myself. I haven't seen last season in it's entirety. I'll have to 'on demand' it if it's available so I can fill in a few gaps.

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    (subtle) Spoilers for Season 10 finale ahead. 

    As the ol' Scotsman prepares to bow out, overall, he has cemented his place for me as my favorite NuWho Doctor, taking my all time #2 spot from Sylvester McCoy. 

    Ah, Moffat, Moffat, Moffat, you had to do one more Moffating in your Moffating way--one clever iteration too far. You just can't do anything horrible to a companion and make it stick... You always have to back door the happy ending, don't you. You, I won't miss as much, but you did cast some fantastic talent during your tenure. Despite your sloppy plotting the actors shone out brightly enough to make me care. You did a lot of experimentation, some good, much bad, but, this season you put together one of the best TARDIS teams in 37 production years of Doctor Who. 

    Still, in Marvel comics no one stays dead but Uncle Ben, and in Moffat's Who no one stays dead but Danny Pink. 

  • @Triem23 curious to know, who takes the all time #1 spot?

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    @JMcAllister Tom Baker, of course! 

  • I'm gonna go against most of the known universe, and say that in my opinion Tom Baker is overrated.

    Having said that, I seriously struggle to decide who I would actually choose as the all time #1. At the moment, I might be inclined to say Capaldi, but then I have a tendency to pick whichever actor I saw in the role most recently. As far as I'm concerned, no actor has ever done a bad job playing the doctor.

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    @JMcAllister I'd never tell anyone they make a bad choice of a favorite Doctor. I know people who will say Pertwee, Tennant, Smith... Pick a Doctor, any Doctor. 

    As you say, no actor has been bad in the role. Some just got better support than others. Six is an example. Poor Colin got the worst costume ever, and never got to complete his "jerk learns humility" arc. Eleven is another good example. Poor Matt Smith got a lot of terrible stories. 

  • As triem says, it's down to the support (direction, etc), when it was first announced that Tennant was to be the Dr, I was ready to stop watching, but I ended up really enjoying him in the role. Matt smith I loved from the start. Peter I wasn't sure about but now that he's about to go, I'm going to miss him. I've watched dr who from John pertwee onwards, and I don't have a stand out favourite, but I wish we could have seen more of christopher eccleston, I liked his version.

    my only quibble (and it's only a small quibble) about the series as a whole and probably from Matt smith onwards, is that I don't like the kiddie orientated humour. Yes I realise it's a family show but the dr character is really quite dark. I'd like to see a serious film made.

  • Just watched the final myself, not a bad end, although some of the adult sexual jokes between the ladies "I can even drive you!" was maybe a step to far or maybe I'm evolving to that next step in life (gumpy old git) and just don't get it anymore ;)

    What matters to me I was entertained. Are we going to have a lady take up the mantel, is the Master really dead (he/she's come back from worse).

  • I agree, too much innuendo has been snuck in lately, not necessary, and unlike Pixar films not subtle enough to escape awkward questions from younger fans.

    however, some of the imagery was lovely and creepy, old school dr who in places.

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    @JMcAllister - My favorite Doctor was David Tennant. I would put Tom Baker 2nd only because that's 'WHO' I grew up with. My mom even knitted an extremely long scarf for me for Christmas one year. 2 months later I asked her to shorten it- darn thing got caught on everything - it was dangerous!!! lol

    @Triem23 - I didn't like Smith at first, I thought he was a little too flamboyant. But not unlike what happened when Matt left, I find myself sorry to see Peter go. You know I wasn't fond of the choice but he's a good actor. He brought out a little more dark than I expected but he ended up pulling his own quite well. Had to use the closed captioning on occasion to understand some dialogue due to his thick Sco-ish accent but he's not the first.  We gotta wait 'til Christmas?!?!?!?!?!  

    @Andy001z - I'm tired of all the innuendo in just about everything today. Friends devolved into all kinds of it, The Big Bang Theory has been going down that road for a couple seasons now- I guess it's a sign of the times. You can't make fun of anything else thanks to political correctness. If Jerry Lewis were having his hay-day now I'm sure they would have been all over him for his Japanese imitation. ....and it's just harmless fun.  Okay- throw me in the 'grumpy old git' category too......proudly.      

    @GodofThunder - Captain Jack Harkness was enough innuendo for me.

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    For innuendo, usually I don't care. Nothing in "The Doctor Falls," bugged me. The scene with Bill and the 9th did, not because it was a sexual discussion, but because it was 1) historically off ("practical" bisexuality was more Greek than Roman, especially in that time period) 2) just kind of boring, and 3) too obviously the writer making a point. 

    The inappropriate Master/Missy flirting? Loved it! Hysterical, and fits the characters' narcissistic tendencies. 

    Bill/Heather? Very sweet, but would have had more impact if Moffat hadn't basically done the same story with Clara. That's been a common Moffat issue--unless its Danny Pink no lasting harm comes to Companions, and too many "reset" buttons. 

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