Using LUTs for first time in Hitfilm Express 2017

I purchased the colorist add on and finally got a chance to use LUTs for the first time in Hitfilm Express 2017. How's it look? Did I overdo it? (I only used LUTs on the cinematic slomo shots not everything in the video )


  • I liked It. Not overdone at all I liked what you did @ 4: to 4:50 is.  Gopros usually have a very distinctive color pallet and the lut made it less GoProish. 

  • @BobDiMarzio thanks for the feedback. And that is exactly what I was going for. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional gopro color so I wanted to change it up a bit. 

  • Looks good to me . Colour grading is something I  struggle with as never really sure what I'm after. Have you got a before/after and/or how you settled on  the LUT to use? Did you create it?  download it?

  • @tonyg ooohhhh great questions. I don't have a before and after, but I will definitely make one. I downloaded a LUTS pack from Peter McKinnon, I feel like it kind of has that cinematic feel that I was going for. Thanks for the feedback btw. 

  • Storminmormon05 how did you import the LUT in to hitfilm

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