I downloaded the video I made in hitfilm 4 express, but my intro has not the same duration

alright first things first, I have an Acer ES1-711 series and the model no: is ZYL it also has 500GB HDD and 4GB DDR3 L Memory. my acer has Intel quad core processor N2940 and Intel HD Graphics.

Well here's the issue: I have been using hitfilm 4 express for like 5 months and I am very happy with it. I have made 2 other videos without a problem, but my third video doesn't download properly. In the video I have used like 20 short video shots. some of them are made with a GOpro and others with a digital camera. In every video that I imported i have made cuts, so that I could make my perfect video, but after I save and open it up some days later, I saw that the cutted shots didn't show the content for what I wanted. but it showed content from the same video but earlier in the duration and not the exact cut I wanted. it's a little dificult to describe. I will happily answer questions for you to make it a little more clear if needed.

this problem did occur for my third video and still to this day, so lets say for like 8 weeks. the program did crash mutiple times when I wanted to open the program and loading the program takes a long time.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Unfortunately, your machine is under minimum specs to run Hitfilm. Hitfilm requires an i3 or higher processor (your machine has a Celeron, which is two tiers below the i3) and an Intel HD 4000 (the Intel HD on your Celeron is below the HD 4000).

    You cannot expect stable operation of the software on your machine. Sorry.

  • Thank you for your comment I finally have an answer for my problem, so I can do litteraly nothing else to solve it? Because that would be a huge bummer, I think hitfilm pro is a really good program

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