Need a great computer to Run HITFILM 3

My previous computer was not adequate to run hitfilm so I decided I should upgrade.  If anyone knows of  good desktop PC thats under $800 but runs Hitfilm smoothly please let me know.  Since this is Hitfilm's forum page I assume whatever PC you guys use would work for me.


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    To give you an idea, here are my current specs, but HitFilm Express 2017 is not completely smooth, so I need to upgrade soon, so whatever you do, do not get anything similar to my specs or under this:

    Intel i5-6400 (Skylake) 2.70GHz
    8GB RAM
    NVIDIA GTX 960
    Samsung SSD 650 120GB

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    The above choices are both poor. 

    @CNK the part picker master can probably find an optimal layout, but, in order of importance you need... 

    1) A DEDICATED GPU. The ones built into CPUs are not good. I'm more familiar with Nvidia cards. In Nvidia cards the final 2 digits need to be 60, 70 or 80. Lower numbers are underpowered for the money. 70's are your best power/price ratio, with the exception of the 1060. 2GB of RAM is the minimum. 4GB or higher recommended. 

    2) System RAM. 8GB minimum, 16 GB or higher recommended. 

    3) Storage. This is tricky. An SSD is important for fast streaming of high res media, especially proxies. High resolution media (especially proxies). 512 MB is minimum. Might be smart for an SSD as a work/project  drive and a HDD to hold a media library (stock images, video, sound effects/music) since HDD storage is cheap. 

    4) CPU. CPU last? Yeah, an i7 7700k is only 50% faster than an i7 3770. Not much performance gain for 4 generations and 6 years of development. GPUs get faster, faster. Make certain the CPU you buy supports the GPU you want, but you can save money with a CPU a generation or two old. Minimum i5 recommended. 

    Realistically $800 is a little low. If you can stretch to an even $1000 you can build something pretty powerful. A good CPU is $200-$300, a good GPU is $150-$300. 16 GB RAM will be about $150. 512GB of SSD is around $150. A good MoBo (required for everything else) is $100-$150. Case, Power, Cooling will be $200 or so. So the low end (min recommend) is coming in right around your budget by saving money and building your own. Going up to a grand will get you a really solid machine. 

    If you're not comfortable building, I recommend online custom builds aimed at gaming. You'll get more money for your dollar than a machine from HP, Toshiba or Dell, and a wider range of hardware. 



  •  Thanks for your replies.  What if I'm just doing 1080p video?


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    Same applies. 

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    This is $1000 but IMHO is good in every part. You can easily overclock the CPU to 3.8Ghz with stock cooler and with 6 core will be good for multimedia in general, GPU it's GTX 1060 equivalent with 8GB VRAM instead of 6, PSU 80+ gold excellent quality, silent case, 16GB fast RAM, SSD + good HDD

    HitFilm $1000 rig


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    @davide445 That's pretty close to what I came up with ;)

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    @Aladdin4d really I was searching your post, what did you get?

    @Zack2559 you can of course save $200 starting with a Ryzen 1500X (4 core, you can upgrade later), 8GB Ram, one disk, cheaper case i.e. Cooler Master CM 590 III.

    I also tweaked a bit the list with a different model of the same GPU (same vendor, just a bit faster) and certified compatible RAM for the mobo.

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    @davide445 I haven't gotten anything for myself yet I just did what you did, see what I could come up with for $1000.00. Same CPU and GPU and a different MSI motherboard.

    What I'm planning on getting soon is a 1700 or 1700x and an RX580 8GB. I haven't decided on a motherboard yet. I still use Vegas a lot and for the moment the RX580 seems to be the best choice for Vegas.

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    @Aladdin4d that list it's in fact my extremely carefully selected for max quality for the lower cost and what I will got as soon will change my PC.

    Only difference for my rig I'll invest a bit more on the PSU with a fully modular Corsair RMx 550w, choosen XFX for the OP since is th best with low price. I have already purchased that SSD and HDD for my current PC.

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