Create a champagne jet

Back on my annual event creation I need to create a champagne jet from a bottle using HF3P, did you have suggestions for the particles materials and general setup.


  • Just a thought, but I assume you need it VFX and not real. Sure if you use the particle simulator I am sure you can get something good, but it's going to take time and processor power. Why not either stock footage it or film it for real. A cheap bottle of bubbly isnt that much.

  • Didn't have time nor material for real footage, looking at stock didn't make sense pay $50 for a 5 sec video need to be used just one time.

    Need to be ready for Saturday  so I'll need to prepare it myself or just skip the whole part in the show.

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    no time for footage, no time for pay, but a lot of time to render a multiple bunch of particle simulator... ok...

    so.... different speeds with different particle emitter.. at example one with bobbles (for splash), one with sparkle (for explosion), one with colored thin smoke with change of the livetime/alpha (for the foam), one with blurry debris (for the champaign-jet)...... thats very tricky, when it must be realistic...

    or just search "champagne footage" in youtube and key it (demult, chroma-key etc.) in your video.

    or buy the cheapest prosecco, take a strong light above the jet (put it to floor direction up), use a black-painted wall, use a camera on stativ and shake your bottle....

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    Downloaded a YT video will try to chroma key this one first.

  • That could work with masks and speed changing. Subject to your licencing requirements.

  • The art director told me no bottle need to be seen, only the foam/bubbles. I see difficulties to key not only the background but the bottle also.

    Need to try particle simulator maybe for some simple foam...

  • in this case, hitfilm have a masking tool, to mask-out the bottle (your youtube video. show video-tutorial

  • No budget, no time , but an art director? Do let us know how it works out.

  • Maybe a too big term for an NPO, but this is the role : define the event history, choreographies, approve all scenic and communication material, coordinate all the people working to produce a live  event for last year 300 paying  spectators. So I need to receive approval, even for unpaid voluntary work.

    Me too curious to know how will end, every year there is something new.

  • Since the bottle is not needed, than any carbonated light colored liquid will do.    Chroma Key a bottle of ginger ale, mountain dew, 7up etc after the obligatory vigorous agitation.    If you do not have a green screen, Wall mart sells appropriate colored card board sheets for about a $1 each. 

  • If you use that video, then the champagne will be short and cut off. So either find a different video or use VFX. 

  • Today test day. Finally resolved cutting the whole thing, will be used an animated loop of sparkling water, recolored as champagne using HF.

    Thanks for the useful and interesting suggestions! 

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