[Resolved] Neon Path is not exporting correctly in Hitfilm Pro 2017 update 5

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I updated the drivers for my Nvidia 980m and installed Hitfilm Pro 2017 Update 5 last night.

I rendered out a queue of projects using Neon Path.

All shots that used Neon Path did not have the Neon Path rendered.

I rolled back the Nvidia driver to the previous version and re-rendered. No Neon Path.

I rolled back my HFP 2017 Update 5 to Update 4 (THIS is why I keep old installers!), and the Neon Path rendered correctly.

I re-upgraded the Nvidia drivers to the current version and re-rendered from HFP 2017 Update 4. The Neon Path rendered correctly.

Conclusion: There is a bug in Hitfilm Pro 2017 Update 5 that is affecting Neon Path.

Anyone else experiencing this?


  • I just loaded up my Neon Sign project and exported it. Interestingly, the blue box line was rendered but the "OPEN" red neon path was not. 

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    @inScapeDigital The blue box was from a mask, the OPEN was from text, correct?

    So we're narrowing down the bug more. :-)


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    For the record, this is the render from Update 5-- The messed up render.


    And this is the render from Update 4--after uninstalling Update 5 and rolling back to Update 4.


    Just comparing the thumbnails you can see the issue.... Or, skip ahead to 18;00 in both videos. One has a bunch of text, the other a blank blue scree that SHOULD be a bunch of text.

  •  @Triem23 Looks like you copied the video links from the YouTube Video Manager page. This used to take you to the video, but now it goes to the information/edit page for the video instead. So when I click those links, it takes me to my videos.

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     @inScapeDigital corrected links above. Thanks.

    Also, Javert, now you know what this week's tutorial is. ;-) And one of the two Market Place templates you should be getting.

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    @Triem23 Nice! Looking forward to it.

  • I can confirm a problem here. I tested my one use of Neon Path. Some text with a rectangle around the text. The Neon path rectangle exported but the text did not. The text and rectangle are separate layers, each using neon path. I exported to Cineform AVI (High). The viewer playback looks fine.

    I am also on Nvidia. GTX 980, driver 381.65 on Windows 10 1607.

  • Thanks for reporting this, we are working on a fix.

  • AdyAdy Staff

    This should be fixed now in Update 6.

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