The Bad Day Short Film

This is my newest short film! My Second one so far. Please give it a watch and like! Edited all on Hitfilm 4 Express!


  • edited May 2017

    Well, I am relaxed, just woke up, turned up the sound, starting watching this and almost jumped out of my skin when he banged the wall at 11 seconds lol

    I am definitely awake now :P

    I didn't like the Pagan birthday celebration, and the violent ending, but hoping to see more righteous material from you in the future.

  • What was with that little 1 second camera zoom at 0:22

  • I like it. Nice bit of dark comedy

  • he`s just been shot in the face and they ask him if he`s ok???  interesting lighting in the lab.... not what i was expecting and I'm glad my kids weren't watching with me...needs a rating lol... good though

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