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Hi, I'm RGC29 you may have seen me on Youtube.  If you need help with motion graphic design then just ask!

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    RGC29 you should stick a YouTube video or tutorial in here so people can see your work. Show off a bit. :-) 

    This is one of RGC29's

  • Thanks @Triem23 for the advice.  I'll put one up soon.

  • No thats mine @AGArtsCo inspired me to make it :)

  • @RGC29 Yeah... that wouldn't hold up against a copyright claim. Whether or not you made the tree/mountain cutouts, it's a direct copy.

  • Ok... Should I do anything about it?

  • @RGC29 At least give credit to AGArtsCo for originally making the template, and link to his Sellfy store rather than your own website. His license says that you're not allowed to redistribute the files.

  • Ok I'll do that thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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    @RGC29 Yours is clearly using AGArtsCo's Assets; the trees and outline of the landscape is pretty recognisable, but your music and the ending is different, so not quite a direct copy so you do know what to do to make it different - just not different enough.

    As it's only moving very few planes about, there is no reason why you couldn't make your own from scratch with your own outlines. Choose a different colour palette, e.g. make an orange/brown desert version with Cacti. :)

  • Ok thanks now I know for next time.

  • @Triem23


    Doesn't that mountain silhouette resemble the old intro for the channel Good Mythical Morning?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Fulcrum2016 not familiar with that channel.

  • Oh  whoopsie.

    But they're also known as Rhett and Link.

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