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Hey everyone,

I just want to double check that the intel HD 520 card will work. It's the one in most of the laptops I'm looking at that are in my price range. also if anyone has any recommendations for 13-inch laptops in the under 700 range please let me know. 

~Thank you.


  • Sure, it's enough, but what currency?

    Seems kind of expensive for low specs like that.

  • My advice unless you absoulty need a laptop for editing and VFX work, spend your cash on a desktop, you WILL get more for you money and it will perform better. Laptops for serious VFX editing need a good GPU and this will cost you £££ $$$ money.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Note that my laptop, with tge Nvidia 980m (the most powerful laptop GPU at the time) is about equivalent to a desktop 770--two generations older, and one model down. 

    At your price point anything you get is going to be near-minimum spec. 

  • Yeah, not quite true for laptops nowadays, since you can get a GTX 1050 in a laptop for around $700, but the 13" is really the limiting factor. "Gaming" laptops (with desktop GPU's) are common 15".

  • I personally would prefer a 15" laptop because there is alot of screen realestate. meaning a bigger timeline. i have a 15" laptop and it's fine for what i do.

  • Sorry but I am going to disagree @CNK anything that reduces the compents in size and scale is going to cost more. Markets can artifically bring down costs to the customer through demand (eg. the more that want it the more can be down in bulk), take the Phone market as an example.

    It has got a lot better but I challange you to find a laptop that you can't beat with a desktop for the same money.

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    @Andy001z - I'm not challenging that, desktops are cheaper, especially custom ones, no doubt. However, this is about a laptop, 13" laptop... There's really not much you can buy here that's got a lot of power in that form factor. 15" or above is the way to go, for planned out well functioning cooling and a desktop GPU in a laptop for $700 (assuming USD is the currency)

    To answer @ANYDOBII - The screen size doesn't have an impact on how much of the timeline you can see, the resolution does. ^^

  • Thank you for all the responses. I did mean $700 and I do have a desk top for heavy editing and VFX work. I want to 13" for maximum portability because 15" are really big when I gotta bring it everywhere. I could see getting a 14" but nothing bigger. 

    Thank you fall all the help.

  • For general editing needs the HD520 should suffice...

    I have no recommendations, sorry. :)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yeah, an HD 520 is about as good as you'll get in your price range and in that size class. However, since you have a better desktop at home for heavy work and this is obviously to work on projects on the go before moving them back to the desktop... Go for it.

    Again, the HD 520 isn't terribly fast, but it'll work.

    Asus Zenbooks seem to be most of what you can find in that range.

    BTW are you on Express or Pro? If Express you can only be "activated" on a single machine at a time. This means you can INSTALL and RUN the software on both, but only the activated machine will be able to do output renders. YOu can always shift activations between machines at any time, but, if you're using the laptop for minor editing and the desktop for your heavy work, I'd say leave the laptop in demo mode since you'll be transferring projects anyway.

    Just make your life easier and put all elements for a single project into a single folder.

  • Unless I am mistaken, nothing wrong in using two email accounts to get two copies of Express.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andy001z yeah, that works too. The only reason I don't usually suggest it is that a Hitfilm Express installation is linked to the email account used to download it. So lets say User A uses two email accounts to install two copies of Hitfilm Express.... Now the User wants an add on pack. Well the add-on pack for install 1 won't work in install 2... So... buy the add-on twice? There's a potential for either "fragmenting" one's own installs, or having to spend twice as much as add-ons.

  • That's a good point, about the add ons. I remember seeing you suggest that using two different e-mails was the best idea, but in retrospect it's probably not if add ons are in use or considered.

  • All valid points gents.

  • Thank you all for you help. I just ordered an ASUS Zenbook UX310UA-RB52 Intel i5.  How do I deactivate one and activate another. My laptop is for traveling vlogs so I need to be able to export and upload from that computer.

    Thanks again.

  • On this website, click the MENU option in the top right and goto Account. When in there you should see the versions of Hitfilm that you own. Click the Activiation option next to the version and it should show you the computers that it is activiated on. Simply select the Deactivate option and you should be done. I am not sure how quick it is as activiate and deactivate but you could give it a go.

  • Ahh ok thank you!

  • If you want max portability and powerful GPU now that you have the laptop you can always use eGPU config.

    Need to spend some money (i.e. Akitio Node is selling at $290 + the GPU cost),  but you can do funny things (i.e. use your PC GPU if you plan to travel some time).

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