Model Disapperas when 3D Alembic animation dropping


Now, I'm experimenting with 3D object and animation importing.

For 3D source I'm using Blender and Poser Pro now.

Importing and placing 3D object is ok. My problem is, that when I drop animation on my model in hitfilm, my model disappears. (sometimes, but few times)

What is the trick it makes work?

In Blender at exporting to alembic I can set some scaling. In Poser there is not.

Do any of you creators/users/supporters has any experience regarding this? Can I use other animation format than Alembic?


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    I used this Hitfilm tutorial to import from Blender, it suggests Alembic:

    How to import 3D models from Blender into HitFilm Pro

  • Now, as I was experimenting further, I found that I can use  the FBX formát for animation in Hitfilm, when I export from Poser.

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    Fbx is an option. I'm not a 3D guy. That's all I can tell you. 

  • It's ok, Triem. I open for other user's expreience, too :)

  • Just a guess (I've experimented with Alembic and not FBX) but when you drop the animation file on the model  in HF it could still be there. but it may off camera due to where the animation file thinks the origin is.

    Try pulling the camera back or zooming out in one of the viewports to see if the model is way off center.   It could also be way out of scale.

    When you import the model, go to the Advanced tab and uncheck Auto Normalize.   Then set the Unit value to the same unit of measure that your model was built in, such as Foot or Inch. 

    If you leave it to the Auto default HF may bring your model in as an odd sized giant object.   Plus, building or centering objects at the origin in your 3D package will ensure that at least HF will bring it in centered in front of the camera. 

  • Also just to note that fbx is only available in HF 2017, HF 4 Pro only has the alembic option. Noticed that when I tried following the AT-AT tutorial on my laptop which has HF 4 Pro and I couldn't import the fbx file but when I went to the desktop PC I was able to use the fbx.

    And as noted once you add the animation to the object in HF the origin points and the scale which you had set when you exported the abc or fbx may in fact cause it to be larger or smaller than when you were just looking at the 3d object before applying the animation to the layer. As suggested double check the scale and the normalize and you might find it sitting off camera or so large that it is inside the camera and you are looking through it.

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