My "Invasion" Quadrilogy



  • @WedgeOz Congrats!!

  • @WedgeOz - Good luck! ......or should that be break a leg? Either way- you're one lucky dog!

  • Thanks guys! It's "little stuff".....but thrilling.

    All thanks to Hitfilm :)

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    Well, thanks to HitFilm, my little home movie made it to IMDB. Thanks guys! :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hehehe. Sometimes I joke that I can't take IMDB seriously, because I can look myself up there. 

    So, since the IMDB listing is up, I assume the festival screening happened. How'd that go? 

  •'re right! I don't believe my little offering did much to "win" anything in an Indian Film Festival. However, being screened was enough to get me on IMDB. So that will do me for now :)

    Okay.......on to the next one :)

  • Can you make a tutorial through the Homeworld trailer at 0:43? It looks really cool!

  • Hey...if you're referring to that little "digital display" thingy at 0:43 in the trailer, that wasn't mine at

    That was a quickie green screen effect I saw on YouTube....and had to borrow it, cos at that time during the making of my movie I was so in a hurry to finish it, I couldn't stand the thought of making it myself :)

  • Wedge- Great work, man! Your passion really shows in your work. I was highly entertained!

  • Awww, thanks guys! Currently working on Ep. IV. Which will differ a lot from the previous entries.  Also going to concentrate on "subliminal effects" rather than the visual ones. Subliminal in that I shall try and make it seem like I'm using professional cameras, booms, rigs etc instead of my lowly

    Either way......having so much fun with Hitfilm. Been waiting for this since 1977 ( my old Super 8 days) :)

  • A small preview of Episode IV (not necessarily edited in the final format of how it will look when finished). But continuing my tradition on honouring my favourite sci-fi classics. In this case The Empire Strikes Back.

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  • Man you need to buckle up  for that ride....

  • Still a few months away from completing Episode IV. But thought I'd throw this trailer together using iMovie just for the heck of it :). The hardest part is trying to make it look interesting without giving away

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    Either the original aliens have allies, the reputation of the Weston men has created new enemies, or a certain AI has gone rogue.  Looks like the battle comes back to Earth... 

  • Yes, I Love it!!! Awesome work! :)

  • Thanks guys! And yes Triem, this episode is going off on a very different tangent. Stay tuned :)

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    Finally a trailer of something I'm excited to see!! 

  • Too kind Aladdin! Thanks :)

  • Alrighty then....this is my latest effort. Fourth & last  installment. Might do a horror movie next time. But for now.....time to rest :)

    Enjoy if you can!

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    Woot! Ok, I'm a-gonna download and watch this while my comp runs some cleanup stuff.


  • Nice frame for the video.

  • Awesome! Wow! Very cool! :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Bra. Vo. An unexpected direction for this final chapter to take. Insane amounts of virtual sets! 

  • Very Very Cool. I can not imagine the amount of work that went into this, I especially like the nod to Audrey II.

  • Damn, I just read your notes on the You tube page and you said that all the live action was filmed with a hand held I-pad.  That definitely sends a strong message to folks that say that they are held back by their equipment.

  • Thanks guys! And yes Bob, this is all very much just a fun hobby, tinkering with the HitFilm software. I found the iPad to be the most convenient way to shoot and edit. Having said that, I want to do a little more next time to upgrade camera and equipment I think :)

    Oh and yes......Audrey All of my little projects have nods to my old fav movies. Love nostalgia! :)

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    @BobDiMarzio I could be wrong, but I think Paul was also still working in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate! Or did you upgrade during this one? 

    Either way, The Invasion Quadrilogy remains an ambitious, impressive series and really highlights what someone can do with minimal gear if they just want to put in the time and effort. 

    Paul, for the next festival you're in, what are you showing? One episode, or did you submit the entire series as one two-hour epic? 

    I won't bug you for a part V. This is a great conclusion to the story. I'll just look forward to your horror film. 

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