Zoom H1 vs Tascam dr-05

I am looking to get an audio recorder and am not sure what is better (zoom or tascam) I have also heard that the tascam audio can sometimes go out of sync.


  • Hi,

     I have a Tascam DR-60DmkII which I love but for the smaller units, I prefer the Zoom. This is only because I think that the Zoom is less "noisy" if you use an external mic (like a lav) with plug-in power. Other users may have different experiences. Both are great to record closer to the source for double-system recording.


  • I will probably be using it with a shotgun mic for duel system sound.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I've never heard anything but good about both systems. Personally, I use the Zoom H5 and love it. 

  • I use both the Zoom H1 for my personal stuff, and Zoom H4N at work; both work and sound great.
    (the only issue I have with the H1 is that it's an earlier model that had a glitch that drains the battery down even when switched off, but I believe that's since been corrected in later versions)

  • I used an H4n for a while, and seriously don't recommend it. Ergonomically it's horrendous, and the premps were quite poor. The H6 sounds decent and has much better ergonomics (actual knobs, for example), and the F8 actually sounds professional grade. (Finally.) I believe that Zoom has a 4 channel version of the F8 now also, which is what I'd recommend for a budget solution and can't afford a Sound Devices or Zaxcom recorder. (Use one of those, and you won't go back. It would be like dealing with dSLR video after getting used to working with a Red.)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @WhiteCranePhoto the H4n in my opinion, is the worst in the line. The H1 is small and cheap. If one doesn't need six channels of recording I'd recommend the H5n, which takes the same mic capsules as the H6n and has the knobs, but a smaller form factor. 

    Incidentally the H5n and H6n can also function as direct audio interfaces to a computer. USB powered, too! 

  • @Triem23 Agreed. I wondered for quite a while why so many musicians loved the H4n once I heard it. Still wonder, to be honest... the H4n soured me on Zoom products in general.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @WhiteCranePhoto I can understand that, but any company can make basically very good product, but have a lemon. 

    Nvidia had the 600 series. Final Cut X had the entire first two years of existence until it stopped being a bad joke. The first gen RED ONE...Only time I've been asked to get get another bag of ice to cool the camera because the last one was boiling. (Side note: on that show they lost an op, and asked if I wanted to jump on. As much as I wanted to brag about running a RED {this was 2009}, I was asst. makeup, and having to touch up and powder, then run to camera is a guaranteed 15 seconds of delay each take. Or lose a makeup person. Later, an actor left, and I doubled him--it was "Death," so full cowl and mask. But the entire scene ended up my takes. Heh.)

    Oddly enough, the H5n is now my tutorial recorder. Pop on a monopod (with tripod feet) next to my table, plug it into the computer, and go. 

  • @Triem23 I've heard a lot of good things about the F8, found the H6 to be... acceptable, though I wouldn't actually recommend it, because it's only adequate, IMO in terms of sound quality. Not so the F8, though it's less flexible and has some usability limitations compared to my Sound Devices, from what I've heard the sound is comparable, which is to say very good.

    It makes me suspect that if more musicians had cared about the quality of their recordings, we might have gotten the H6 and F8 sooner :)


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