Slow and lazy rising cigarette smoke with Quick 3D - SPEED Question


I'm at a loss to how I can solve this with HF Express4:

Got a still life here showing a burning cigarette in an ashtray. Have to add some extra smoke. Looks great with the Quick 3D effect “smoke” after playing around a bit.

BUT: I need the smoke to rise much slower. The “Speed” adjust function within the smoke properties seems not to work as expected. It changed the look completely.

Any tips for a Newbie to effects?


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    make with the particle-simulator your own smoke. somewhere i see a tutorial for hitfilm, maybee at youtube or in this forum...

    oh, i see hitfilm-express... sorry you not able to use particle-sim..

  • Express with some extensions - but no particle-simulator. The Quick 3d asset Smoke fits my needs perfectly – apart from the smokes speed rising up.

  • There's an actual Speed effect, try adding that and setting it to around .3.

  • Bother! I thought I tried this…. Well – it works.


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