Video is playing laggy

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I am having 720P videos with 60fps , videos are playing very laggy and i am not able to edit the videos as it's very laggy 
Can someone help?
My System configuration is 
Core i5 6th gen 2.30GHz
8 Gb Ram Nvidea 940M 4Gb


  • What is your storage (HDD SSD)? 

    What is the source footage format? 

    Here is my guess based on incomplete information: your source footage is probably an mp4 file from a phone, or dslr. Mp4 footage has high overhead and performance can be improved by transcoding to a different format. 

    Further transcode information can be found in the following two threads.

    Otherwise you can try lowering the resolution of the Viewer window to half or quarter resolution. 

    To be blunt, at some point you may have to deal with some lag. Your GPU is not very good. An Nvidia 940m benchmarks at only about double of the speed of an Intel Hd 4000 (minimum requirements for Hitfilm), and at less than half the speed of my previous laptop's Nvidia 580m--a card four years older than yours. 

  • My Storage is HDD and the video is from Sports cam with h.264 formats , i have tried the same footage with different Editing s/w (Abobe premier ) it's running completely fine. Is their any thing to do with Hitfilm express settings?

  • Not really. Hitfilm is known for being very fast for VFX/compositing and on the slower side on editing. This is so well known that there are two threads on transcoding to increase performance. Adobe has a sexy custom engine, Hitfilm is OpenGL based. *shrug*

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