Mocha plugin in HF tutorial anywhere?


I've tracked my clip with mocha plugin, clicked the "Copy to clipboard" button, now what? In After Effects, you just copy the frames straight into the layer that you want to be corner pinned, but in HF, nothing happens. What do I do with the tracked keyframes?


  • I don't think copy to clipboard works with Hitfilm. You either save a composite shot, or camera solve as in previous Hitfilm implementations. For masking roto stuff the masks will just be there in Hitfilm which is new with the plug-in. You have to click a check option in the effects to get the mask(s) to be applied.

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    Norman is correct--for Hitfilm Pro 2017.

    On the off chance you are in Hitfilm 4 Pro (you're not, this is for reference if an HF3/4P user reads this), both camera solves/object tracks and roto are saved as Composite Shots. In Hitfilm 4 Pro reloading the Composite Shot also reloads the video asset (meaning you have two copies of the media in the Media Bin). 

    In Hitfilm Pro 2017, you save camera solves/object tracks as Composite Shots to import back into Hitfilm. Now, the media is not reloaded, and you'll just see blue planes. Copy/paste the data from this Composite into the Composite with your footage (no redundant media). 

    For roto splines, you just use the check boxes in the mocha plug-in to manage your roto. 

  • You mean I have to copy the keyframes from each Quad Warp point and paste them into the quad warp on the layer I want to corner pin one by one? Or is there a better way to copy those keyframes from the Mocha exported composite.

  • You save a corner pin composite shot from mocha. Import that into Hitfilm. That comp is a plane with a quad warp effect applied. Simply cut and paste the quad warp effect from plane onto your replacement layer.

    mocha cannot know what layer you will be using for replacement/insert media for the quad warp effect so it just has a simple plane as a placeholder in the saved composite shot for the corner pin.

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    @NormanPCN is correct. Sorry, I was thinking camera solve data, not the quad warp data. 

  • Thanks guys. I'll try that. It did work by copying each Quad Warp point one by one, but it's a tedious process.

  • @Triem23  @NormanPCN  the process  of copying and pasting mocha data to hitfilm slows down the workflow and really redundant compared to AE copying to clipboard.  Will Hitfilm change this anytime soon?

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    @Andersen01498 that's a question for Imagineer.

  • @Andersen01498 @Triem23 Copy to clipboard has been in the list of things we want to add for a long time, we have just been busy with other things.

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    It's not THAT bad, but yes, pasting directly to track would be great. Too many files to deal with right now. I thought that it was possible since there's a "Copy to Clipboard" button. So, is that button there just as a decoration, or is there a way to paste the copied data somewhere?

  • @Ireground  I totally agree, it's kinda annoying to export the data as a comp.  I wish I could just paste the would decrease the files 

  • @Ireground After Effects is the ONLY program that supports copy to clipboard from mocha, and that is buggy enough where Imagineer has a workaround video for when it doesn't work. 

    That button is there because imagineer made the interface consistent across all versions of mocha. 

    Believe it or not, it's actually better in the long run to export as a composite shot. Now I can easily bring that mocha data into any project, not just the initial one. 

  • @Triem I agree with you. After doing about 50 exports from Mocha, it works out pretty well. And the fact that you can save the data directly on the plug in within the project is a lot better than having separate files to deal with. Plus now I can use my AVCHD files directly in Mocha without having to convert them before. Nice.

  • You can still get mocha data into any project. Instead of saving a Hitfilm composite from within mocha, which has the placeholder blue plane; just save a Hitfilm composite from within Hitfilm. The layer with the source video is there and the mocha effect with full mocha project for custom tweak if/when necessary.

  • @NormanPCN I did not know that. 

    TBH, I still do mocha in Pro 3. I've had to do a lot of object removal, and, once I did that in Pro, just went ahead and finished off solves and roto in there. 

  • Mocha Pro is tempting, but holy s**t, that thing is like 1700$ or something.

  • @Ireground I believe there's a discounted upgrade path for Hitfilm users. Still something like $600 bucks, but a lot of good tools... (The Remove module is pretty crazy, although with my 8mm Fisheye, I like Hitfilm's Action Cam correction better than Mocha Lens Correction.) With GPU processing, I'm going to try to make a Mocha Pro 3 to Mocha Pro 5 upgrade happen, because the Mocha 5 engine (the HF 2017 version) is a helluva lot quicker at tracking. 

  • 600$ is reasonable. Although I've checked the prices on Mocha's site and I haven't seen that. I'll Google it.
    I love the Fisheye Warp too. Use it all the time. A lot of my footage is from action cams.
    Mocha is fantastic, It's smooth, stable... I used to use the HF tracking a lot, but with the Mocha plugin now in HF 2017, I use it almost everywhere, even with simple stuff. A bit more fiddling around with importing composite shots, but the results are well worth it.

  • On Mocha's website:

    "Q. I am running the Adobe CC bundled mocha AE CC (or HitFilm bundled mocha HitFilm). Can I upgrade to mocha Pro 5?
    A. We no longer offer a bundled mocha AE CC (or mocha HitFilm) to mocha Pro upgrade path. However, please note that the new $695 mocha Pro 5 plug-in purchase price is actually lower than previous mocha AE to mocha Pro 4 upgrade path ($795)."

    I think I'll get it in a future promotion if there will ever be one. I think they have half price promotions sometimes.

  • @Ireground yeah, next sale I'm in. 

    Still can't be too mad about price. When the price of a full license is less than the old upgrade price, that's a good price drop. 

  • Imagineer offers some deals to upgrade from Mocha HitFilm to Mocha Pro sometimes; it's how I got my Mocha Pro license.

    It also pays to sign up for their webinars; they raffle off licenses to Sapphire and Mocha  Pro and that sort of thing... 

  • @WhiteCranePhoto not to mention the webinars often have great power tips not in the manual or basic operation tutorials! Example: Mocha likes a big spline and small surface for most accurate tracking. That's not in the manual or training videos. Mary Poplin mentioned it once in a webinar and Axel mentioned it in part 2 of his HF2U Energy Ball tutorial. 

  • I can get a corner pin to work in Pro 2017 with the Mocha effect by saving the tracking data but I can't seem to figure out the camera solve. It doesn't seem to work like Pro 4 did. After importing the camera solve composit I see a blue plane, a camera, and the 5 points from the spline on the timeline. How do I get that applied to the original footage? By the way I only tracked a couple of seconds out of the original 30 second clip. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  (Tutorial?!!!)

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    @St3v3C copy the imported mocha layers back to your original composite shot. 

  • @Triem23, ahh, that works. I'm seeing the spline corners on the base footage now so I can proceed. Thanks Mike for your continued good advice!

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    @St3v3C you're welcome. :-) 

  • @Triem23 Fortunately, they make their webinars available after the fact so you don't have to attend them live in order to get the power tips.

    What you don't get after the fact is the raffle... I ended up lucking out and winning a one-year Mocha VR subscription, which as it turns out works rather nicely in HitFilm.

    Now... I just need a GPU (looks like I'm getting an RTMotion kit first) and for HitFilm to include the Red SDK... ;)


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    @WhiteCranePhoto and a lot of the online webinars are just chock full of tips! 

  • @Triem23 Yep. There's a huge collection of tutorial videos on Imgineer's web site. :)


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