Can't import image sequence into HFPro 2017 [Resolved]

edited January 2017 in Pro Support

I created a new project in HFPro 2017 and tried to import an image sequence. But, when I navigated to the folder with the image sequence, the files were grayed out. I tried with both .tif and .jpg files. 

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.


  • In Hitfilm you do not select the files for image sequence import. You select the folder itself. The only files in the folder should be the image sequence files.

  • Ahh. Thanks so much. :)

  • And the numbers have to be in the correct format. If you have no more than 99 images they can be numbered Something_01 ... Something_99. If more than 100 then Something_001 ... Something_999 etc.

    If you mix the numbering up, such as two digits for some, three for others and even single digits like Something_1 ... Something_9 then Hitfilm will load images in the wrong order.


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