Screen recording

Hello all,

I am using AZ screen recording to make video's for youtube and my current settings are:

Resolution 1920x1080
Frame rate 30 FPS
Bit-rate is auto

I go to edit my video using Hitfilm 4 express and in the project settings I have:

Template 1080p full hd @ 30 fps
Width 1920
Height 1080
Frame rate 30

However, when I export my video my whole screen isn't shown in the video. A portion is cut off. Can someone help me so my screen doesn't get cut off for my next video?



  • Try adjusting the Scale of the video, in its Transform controls. If setting it below 100% solves the issue, then your video and timeline are in fact using different resolutions.

    If the video looks fine in the HitFilm timeline, but is wrong after export, then you need to change the resolution you are using in the Export screen, to match your timeline. Export to 1920 x 1080 and you should be good to go.

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