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  • Well, I have to say that, while my product is less than stellar, I am having a whole lot of fun!

  • I'm amazed at how many similarities exist in process and in achieving results between creating still graphics or 3D simulations, and objects or scenes in HFP.  The same sleight of eye is used. I'm wondering if some of the tricks in actually making something seem 'touchable' to the viewer, as in as if it's bulging out of the monitor screen, would also work. When and if I ever get this SF novel's trailer done, I think I might experiment with that. :)  Just for fun, of course.

  • So, in the ongoing battle to learn this stuff, I feel like a kid in a candy store. There's soooo much to learn that it's very exciting. I'm still battling 3D modeling issues--materials that, regardless of how I assemble the models outside of HFP, wind up 'simplified' once imported. Right now, because I don't know enough, I'm reduced to unassembling the models, then assembling them inside Hitfilm to keep the materials trued, then 'gluing' them back together in the Hitfilm interface. Anyone have a link to a tutorial about importing models designed with multiple variably-oriented, layered/overlaid materials?

  • @DLKeur - It's the finished video that brings satisfaction despite the amount of time. I've found it to be a labor of love. lol

    I really like the book trailer. Nice use of fading in and out the image of Warren. It's almost like he came from the mist and disappeared into the mist- seemingly out of nowhere. 

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    That's the effect I wanted, @StormyKnight .  Warren is the weakest part of that trailer, I think, though I see issues with other parts, as well. I need to redo it now that I know more, but I'm too engrossed in working on the SF novel's trailer.  The hitch in the kettleworks, right now, is that the overture my husband composed for A Gathering of Rebels needs to be recreated, and that's causing issues since the samples he uses--very, very expensive samples--are not happy working in Win8.1 which is his choice of OS to work in.  It was originally done in '98 stripped, then ported to XP, and while that set of linked drives is happy to come up and work, the new mixing software, neither one, aren't handling the midi signals very well to bring them into the 8.1 drive.  We've got a fancy piece of hardware coming in this next week that will, hopefully, solve the issues...hopefully.

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    Got my fingers crossed for you both. Fancy hardware, eh? S'pose it's costly too.

    I am just starting to scratch the surface of computer based recording with Finale, midi and a rather outdated Korg X3. My version of Finale is a little out of date- 2012- but I'll upgrade at tax refund time. Haven't had the pitfalls of crossing operating systems yet as I do have a Roland multi-track digital stand alone recorder which is great for mixing and adding effects to vocals and what not. It's a whole studio in a box and it's fantastic to work with. Now I have to try and get to computer based recording because the Roland's CD burner doesn't work anymore and they discontinued them about 4 or 5 years ago. Bleh! I've also got Cubase but have no idea how that works yet.

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    @StormyKnight :

    Suggestion: Do NOT update to the latest Finale. They have sacrificed functionality for loser-friendly slick app-happy widgets. You're better off, if serious about composition and arranging, using what you have. 

    We have a Roland unit. You can jimmy-rig a new CDR-DVD burner onto it. Used to use it a lot. Still works and works well for certain things.  I remember Cubase.  I've never used it, but Forrest has.  He's the audio guy.  If it's not easy, though, I stay away.  There's a REALLY good piece of software that I can recommend, though, and it's only $60.  You'll totally adore it. It's call Reaper and the guy who developed it has all sorts of support tutorials.  http://www.reaper.fm/   You can download for free to try it out, but do pay the guy. Really worth it!

  • @StormyKnight I agree with DLKeur - go for Reaper you won't be disappointed. Reaper is the DAW Vegas would have become if it didn't shift to being an NLE instead. Reaper and Vegas can even interchange projects using the EDL export option.

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    @StormyKnight Vegas Pro itself is still a great DAW, a solid editor, uses Ignite and can integrate with HFP 2017. But I'm biased. My (former) band's albums and every film/video I've ever done used Vegas for primary audio mixing... Ah, memories of plugging an audio interface into a laptop, a mic into the interface and recording all the foley and ambience for a short where production sound failed to notice the line hum that ruined every single take... Lotta fun for me, micing the chair and doing weight-shift passes for the characters, micing the table and picking up/setting down bottles, doing fingers tapping, etc. Micing myself and performing the little gasps, snorts and the very important crying the ADR guy forgot to record...  A successful project as no one realized that the film's entire audio track was 100% post. Good times. 

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    Okay. Need some eyes to tell me if this goes too slow, fast, or just right for reading speed. This is just a test snip of the prose part of my SF novel trailer.  Thanks ahead of time.

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    You should slow it down. I didn't catch "Ben-Drom's design..." and the next couple of cards the first time, and I am a particularly fast reader. 

    Move speed is fine on the zooms, but I'd hold the resting text longer. While I'm at it, I think the fade in as each new phrase appears could be longer. It's a bit "poppy" for my tastes. Finally I would probably slap some 3D Extrusion on it and use the starfield as an Environment Map. I think that particular effect looks great for space text. Personal taste, though. 

  • For me you could probably double the time that the text in on the screen in some cases. Like @Triem23 I think the zoom speed is good.

  • Yep slow it down for me too, seems to get faster. I like the idea of two on screen at a time that would reduce the length somewhat. Also I noticed that the longer titled seem to be faded out on the far reaches of the text. I am thinking use have a vignette effect applied?


  • @Triem23 , @DreamArchitect (<-love the name), and @Andy001z : Thanks for taking the time to look, analyze, and advise.  Okay.  Longer hang time, for sure, then.

    I'm not sure about extruded text in this era.  Design seems to be favoring simplified and almost utilitarian these days.  I do love beveled and extruded text, though. I love to do all sorts of effects in, on, through, with, and around text. I'll play with it and see if I can't come up with something nicer than flat.

    No vignette. A radial two-color fill layer on each text comp.

    There is one issue that showed up in uploading this to YouTube: The YouTube version lost a lot of the luminance and vibrancy that the Hitfilm YT version locally on drive holds just fine. Then, once YT screwed it up, they offered to 'improve' it, which was to blow the colors, brightness, and contrast--not.

    I know oranges are discriminated against by compression software, but it seems to me that, since Hitfilm is saving to YouTube specs, the results I see on the Hitfilm exported mp4 locally on drive should be the version YT uses. It's not. They process it, anyway, and, of course, every time something gets reprocessed, more is lost. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?


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    I don't think you're doing anything wrong. Personally, I save higher bitrate masters--VBR @35/53. Since I know YouTube is going to recompress, I try a higher quality upload.

    Extrusion--not a lot of depth... Say 1-5, but I do like some environment map at low opacity. 

  • @Triem23 : Okay. I'll try the higher bitrate and see if that helps. Odd that you should mention the 1-5 extrusion. I did a version of this with a very shallow depth, then nixed it on the second round...and left it nixed on subsequent rounds. I'll play with it some, again. As to the environmental map at low opacity, again it's odd that you should say that. The original title for the cover does that and it looked awesome when printed or projected on-screen. So, yeah, I'll play with it, maybe. Thanks for the continuing feedback and help.

  • Youtube always assumes the levels on any upload are 16-235 and does an expansion to full range even if the content is already full range. Since you have Pro 2017 use the scopes to check your levels before rendering. The Levels effect will give you a hard 16-235 limit or use Curves for a more gentle approach to limit the levels. 

  • @DLKeur - Reaper. YES! That was on my list a year ago and I didn't have the $ as I built a computer and ran out of funds. I was going to sift through the forums to find the name again and you just saved me a ton of time. THANK YOU! This year at tax return time I'm definitely going to acquire it. And really? Finale has gotten bad? I've been watching the features they've added since the 2012 release and waiting for a few that recently popped up. Phrasing arcs (I'm not sure that's what they're called) would be very helpful for my style of writing. I can always add them in manually but having them on the score and individual parts from the start would be nice. I may take a chance- I can always reinstall 2012 if I don't like the update.

    As to the vid you posted yesterday- I'm with T23. Just the one part went too fast. The rest was fine on time.

    @Aladdin4d - Thanks for the info. Good to know!

    @Triem23 - " A successful project as no one realized that the film's entire audio track was 100% post." Then I would count that as a success!



  • @StormyKnight : Well, for Forrest's work, the updates Finale has done, which make it more user friendly, sacrifices what he needs.  For your work, maybe it will be great. :)   And thanks for the advisement on the text in the vid snip. Greatly appreciated.

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     @Triem23 and other HF gurus: So, I've got my rough-out done (posted it earlier) and I began the process of producing the master file with the higher end models and media for the Gathering novel trailer.  Get my higher end model pulled in, parented to the point I used to set the motion trail ...and the new model is literally jumping around at the start and end of that motion sequence. I watch the numbers on the point, on the model, and they are running as they should with no y-axis jumps into nether space.  But the model sure is doing it. And it's doing it alternating frames at the start and at the finish...ONLY, go figure. But the transform NUMBERS (position, orientation, rotation...) on the point, the model world, and the model are showing no jumps anywhere.  Any ideas? Is it that I'm using my higher end models or what?  The models are all solidly and carefully built to spec.

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    I assume your model(s) is/are parented to points? If so, double check you didn't accidentally add a keyframe to the actual model's layers. 

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    Yes. All models are parented to motion trail points.  And, no, there are absolutely no keyframes to the model anywhere.  I may break down and reboot the system...as in the whole network. It might be it's an anomaly. 

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    Yeah, that's odd. How about the background and motion paths--was anything motion tracked? If so could be a few frames of bad tracking? 

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    Okay. Just brought the whole system back online, and it was still jumping around.  So I did something that I've been really hesitant to do, but read in one of the troubleshooting threads. I deleted the cache, saving the cache files just in case, because I've had disasters happen doing that in other (shall remain nameless) programs.  The hopping stopped.  So, I put the old cache file back in just to try it, and, sure enough, the hopping started.  So I paid VERY close attention to the ship shape, and it was the original, simpler model I used that was hopping, the new model disappearing from view completely. (The original simpler model I used was set to invisible, go figure.)  I'm back on-task. Thank you, @Triem23 !

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    Don't thank me, I didn't figure it out! ;-) deleting the cache sounds like Aladdin, Norman or Stargazer. 

  • Of course I'm going to thank you. I was sitting here flummoxed and deer-in-headlights stuck until you affirmed for me that this was unusual, not newbie screw-up, behavior. So, then, I went to the next most obvious choice of possibilities. And, of course, it was one of you four. So I'll thank all of you!

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