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Hi, quick question how do I use matchmover for Hitfilm pro 2017


  • HitFilm can import Maya .ma files so just choose that for the export option in MatchMover. Here's a quick run down on MatchMover

  • Should I use mocha hifilm to match move or use matchmover Autodesk?

  • @Andersen01498 there's no "right" answer to that question. It's going to depend on the shot and your own preferences. 

    Point trackers, like Autodesk Matchmove look for hundreds ir thousands of small "dots" of high-contrast and track each one. By combining the movement of each point, it attempts to figure out 3D space. However, point trackers don't do well with quick moving shots with motion blur, or shallow DoF shots with a lot of blur. 

    Mocha, as a planar tracker, assumes everything its tracking is a rectangle. It tries to figure out perspective based on how corner points are skewed, and compares how these rectangles move relative to each other to calculate 2D space. Mocha handles blur better, but doesn't do well with reflectons, and requires at least two fairly large, flatish areas tracked in every frame. 

    In general I do most of my tracking in mocha, but sometimes I have a shot mocha just can't handle. In those cases its nice to have Autodesk Matchmove as an alternate method. If you prefer Matchmove, eventually you'll run into footage it can't handle, at which point you'll be glad to have mocha.

    Matchmove has a (much) smaller learning curve than mocha, but I think I would recommend mocha overall, since mocha's toolset can also assist with rotoscoping and masking. In the long run, mocha is the more flexible tool. 

  • I'm using Hitfilm 2017 and when I use mocha hitfilm, I export the tracking data or the shape data then it has the point or the shape data as a blue plane... Why is this.?  Hitfilm pro didn't do this

  • Will it work with Express? 

  • @LiamMcM1 yes. You'll track your footage, export the .ma file then export into Express using the Import Camera Data option in the drop-down next to the Import button.

  • Wow That was fast! thanks again. Triem23 

    I thought it would, but wanted to make sure.

    Thanks again for answering so promptly.

  • @LiamMcM1 You're welcome (on both questions). You just happened to post a couple minutes before I logged in to see if anything new was going on. ;-)

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    Hi Again. 

    i downloaded Matchmover and and have a Q. how do i load footage into Mm? all it seems to support are still image files.


  •  @LiamMcM1 It supports image sequences

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    Thanks  Andersen01498 

    If i understand correctly (if i am wrong pleas correct me, as i am to this sort of editing ) a image sequence is the clip frames in still image format. i converted my clip to that format and selected all and drag/dropped them into Mm, but all it did was show me one frame out of the middle with tracking points . I looked up some tutorials online, and some guy used AE to convert his clip to a "Target-.tga" file. I don't own AE, but is there any other way to do that?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    @LiamMcM1 Here's what you need to know about image sequences. 

    First, an image sequence goes into its own folder with nothing else. 

    Second, an image sequence should be a single shot converted to stills. Or, for stop motion, starts as stills. 

    Third, the filenames must be consistent. You want something like "prefix_number.type" prefix can be anything "myshot" "LegoVader" but make it apply. The numbers should start at 0, but need to be as many digits as you need for frames. So, for a 300 frame sequence 000-299. Don't do 0-299 or it won't work.

    Fourth, if you already shot the video, Hitfilm can export image sequences. Use the template in the Export Queue. 

    Fifth. Use PNG. You don't need TIF.

    This video shows everything about Import and export of everything in Hitfilm.

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    Thanks Triem23 

    That tutorial does help, but my problem was loading image sequences into Matchmover, not Hitfilm. That being said though i now know about importing tracking data and such into Hitfilm, Thanks:) I guess i should lookup how to load image sequences into Mm.

    Update. 5 minutes later...


    Where i should have looked fist. ;     .  i Have successfully loaded fist clip. 

    Thanks All

  • Well, figured that tut would help use Hitfilm to make image sequences and bring track data back into Hitfilm. Besides the notes on file names and folders is generic for most software. 

    Glad you figured it out! :D

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