First movie - Thanks Hitfilm!

Thanks, Hitfilm, for your free course which inspired me to turn my grandaughter into a little superhero. I hope our short movie below will inpsire newcomers who think making VFX movies is beyond them. I packed a lot of HF techniques from the HF tutorials into this movie. Learned a lot and will refine everything for future works - better camera (maybe a 700d), better sound (Rode mic Pro) and an upgrade to HF Pro so I can use 3D models and particles. The VFX start about 3 mins into the movie. (my biggest tip is - make sound quality a top priority).

I used an i5 laptop with 4GB ram which was adequate but slowed down quite a bit with complex composite shots. Can anyone advise me if working with 3D models and particle simulation in HF Pro needs a lot more power and ram?


  • Get the latest nVidia graphic card, at least 16GB RAM, and SSD, and an i7, and you will notice a difference :)

  • @George147  You certainly put the FutureLearn course information to use.  I took it too, but have yet to use it like this.  I just piddle.  Well done effort.  Lots of VFX in there. and the editing was nice and tidy.

  • Thanks Yeremyah. That means I must get a whole new computer. But I think I'll try the trial version of Pro first to see how my laptop handles it. I'm on a low budget and do this for fun and to hopefully educate a few kids. Big budget computers and cameras not an option.

  • @George147 If that is the case, just stick with your laptop, use the Express version and have fun with it.  Just be patient during the process and rendering, but in the end, it turns out nice :)

  • @George147 so you placed a huge green screen in your garage?

  • Great movie! Well done!

    I've found the 3d models and particles don't slow my PC down that much until I start to add "motion blurs" and "shadows" etc. However, slow as it might be to render on slower machines (mine is average)......the results are well worth it :)

  • Glitter Girl has tiger cubs, awesome gear and a great granddad! Fun film! Lot of work and effort on screen, and a lot of fairly impressive techniques being used. 

  • What is the course

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    @George147 My friend and I watched the whole video today, and very well done, more enjoyable watching your video than some of the rubbish on TV and movies. Some really good humor.

    We thought it was your daughter there for awhile, but the ending showed a surprise.

    We are now officially "Glitter Girl" fans, and look forward to seeing the sequels if any :)

  • Thanks for the positive comments. Being self critical I can see many areas for improvement reviewing my movie and the next one will be a huge step up. I've just got to master using 3d models and partical simulation to help Glitter girl fly her craft into a huge spaceship above Table Mountain (Independence Day style).

  • I love the way you talk too George :)

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