Composite playback choppy

I'm editing my first composite shot in hf4e and while in the composite tap the play back is choppy. Can anyone help? 


  • Let's start with your system specs. CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage.

    What's in your composite shot, layers, effects, etc. 

    If you're using video, what camera is it from, and/or codec and file format? 

  • Os: Windows 10

    Processor:  AMD A10-5745M Apu w/ Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.10ghz

    Ram: 8gb 

    Hdd: 1Tb 

    My comp has a text layer, a masked plane, a png photo, and a 23s clip I'm making lower third with the photo coming out of in then retracting

  • I could be wrong on this, but I don't think Hitfilm supports (officially) AMD APUs (integrated GPUs with CPU).

    @AxelWilkinson can you double check me on that? 

    If Hitfilm does support your APU, looking at its benchmark, your APU is comparable in speed to an Intel HD 4000, so your machine is just about at minimum specs for Hitfilm.

    Chances are you'll have to change your viewer quality to half or quarter res for smooth editing, and use lots of RAM preview. 

  • Ok maybe that way the preview play went halfway?

  • You are correct @Triem23 - HitFilm does not support AMD APUs.

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