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  • Hello,

    be careful with Film Riot. I bought scores on Black Friday, but I get no downloadlink.  I send tons of eMails, but I get no answer and the money is away.

    Have anyone the same experience?

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    Take into account that VAT and all that is basically a balancing act for your country. And for the record, we have 25% VAT here in Sweden. 

    If you're shopping at Film Riot and you don't pay that VAT, you're breaking the law (at least that is the case in Sweden).

    Anyways, the point I'm getting at is that one shouldn't compare prices between different countries as cheaper and more expensive, it just doesn't work that way.

  • @Magicfrog I had no problems last year! maybe in your Junk mail>? Drop Ryan and the team a message on Twitter maybe?

  • Only bundles and upgrades discounted? Don't understand the thinking here. Are new users who don't want/can't afford bundled items left out ? 

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    @craftycurate A straight HFP 2017 Upgrade is $189. Once the sale ends, it will go up to $219.

    New users are getting a discount. I think a new license is currently $350. This will go up to $399 once the sale ends. 

    FxHome just put the plain HFP upgrade under all the bundles on that page. You have to scroll down a bit, but it's there. 

    Also, yes, I merged your thread with this one. There were already three other threads on upgrade pricing and the Black Friday sale. I'm about to merge all of them into this one, because we just don't need four threads on the same topic. :-) 

  • Moderator note: There were five different threads about the Black Friday Sale and upgrade pricing. 

    I've gone ahead and combined them all here. 

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    A correction: HitFilm Pro 2017 (for new users) is not currently discounted under the sale or because it's a new product. $349 is it's regular price, and this won't be increasing when the sale ends.

    The Thanksgiving sale only applies to bundles. There is, separately, a discount on upgrading to HitFilm Pro 2017 of $30, this is a "launch" discount, and lasts to Dec 17 (it outlasts the sale).

    We focused on bundles this time as we were able to negotiate some great deals with our partner companies. We also did a special upgrade discount for our existing customers as we usually do. If you look at the pattern of what we've done in previous years, there are likely to be other sales in the year, which might have a different focus.


    Separately, regarding the Pro release cycle and updates: We do typically release a major new version once a year. As Triem states, this often happens around now. Between major releases there have always been "point updates", such as 4.2 to 4.3, and these are free as stated in our Ts & Cs. These sometimes contain new features, as well as bug fixes and tweaks. We don't normally announce what is in each point update beforehand, because they are subject to change, and often take into account current user feedback.

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    Ah, I stand corrected regarding Hitfilm Pro 2017 pricing. That said, Hitfilm 4 Pro was $399, so it's pretty cool that Pro 2017 is less expensive. 

  • If memory serves, HF 3 was $299 and HF 4 has always been $349.

  • @Farscape I thought HF4 was $399, but I can always be wrong. :-)

  • Same memory here. HF 4 was $349. Price bump from HF3 probably due to the addition of Boris.

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    Thanks for clarifying Steve, though it's a bit concerning that incorrect pricing information has been shared by forum moderators, esp as potential customers like myself are looking to make informed purchase decisions. 

    It clearly now makes sense to wait then rather than buy now, as there is no limited time offer to take advantage of, and and I'd rather wait to see if some key features are added.

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    I think I was pretty much sold a bill of goods on buying Hit Film 4.  I bought it two months ago and it has never worked.  Splitting tracks has never resulted in proper audio syncing, and customer support has never clarified why this issue has remained. (Support suggested there were codec issues with some of my video source material; but the problem was with a number of different varieties of source material.)

    Since I purchased in September, I figured I would be able to pay maybe a 25% upgrade to remain current.  Almost 2/3 what I just paid, to remain current?  This doesn't feel right since the program never worked for me - I knew I was taking a big chance buying it since I'm not working with it full time - and possibly don't have enough time to research getting functionality out of it.  Now I just upgraded to a whole new system, partially to see if I could make Hitfilm Pro 4 work; only to open it up and find out its already out of date.  I'm going to hope to make the original version work, and hope that there will still be some support for it; Ha, no one said life was fair though, and its a pretty large software effort and I can appreciate that the team shouldn't work for free - I just wish they would better adjust for people who just bought their product.

  • @jesussaddle ;

    "Splitting tracks has never resulted in proper audio syncing"

    That's a sign of video recorded with a variable frame rate which causes problems with all NLE's not just HitFilm. You can use the free  MediaInfo  to see if your footage has a variable frame rate. The relevant section will look something like this:

    Frame rate mode : Variable
    Frame rate : 30.299 fps
    Minimum frame rate : 13.755 fps
    Maximum frame rate : 94.044 fps
    Original frame rate : 30.000 fps

    If you do have variable frame rate footage then follow the advice in these two tutorials to convert your media to a constant frame rate using Handbrake



  • @Craftycurate Moderators aren't FxHome Staff. Sorry for the error, and, when I do make them, I do first,  edit erroneous posts, second,  make a note of it to not do so again. :-) 

  • @jesussaddle regarding HitFilm 4 Pro, you can continue to use it indefinitely without upgrading if you wish, there's not a requirement to  upgrade as such. Per the Terms & Conditions, we guarantee a minimum of 12 months technical support from your purchase date, but we aim for a lot more than that. Many of our free tutorials can also be adapted back to work in earlier versions of the software, and the community here has a wealth of knowledge of our products old and new.


    On the pricing issue above - HitFilm 4 Pro was indeed $349. As Triem says, Moderators are not Staff, but volunteers who help us out with answering questions and keeping an eye on things. We are extremely grateful for the help - as a small company it really does make a difference.

    Bear in mind that Mods don't have access to anything more than you do - they don't have a list of past prices or products, nor knowledge of current/future pricing beyond what is publicly visible on our websites. They're working from memory for the most part, hence it's possible to make the occasional mistake :)

    We really do try to give customers as much info as possible up-front - an informed decision is good for us as well as you. For example, the current product pages have more information than ever before, and we've also added a better comparison chart to make it more clear what the difference is between products.

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    @Triem23 ... apologies, I assumed that Moderators were FxHome staff. Quite a natural assumption perhaps, but I'll bear that in mind going forwards.

    @DanielGWood - it helps to be informed how things work, so one's expectations can be adjusted accordingly. (Sorry I called you Steve for some reason last time round )

  • @Craftycurate no worries. Common misconception. :-) 

  • @craftycurate ha ha, I was wondering who Steve was!

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