Bug: Scale to Fit with two displays with different Scaling options

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Ok, this one is a showstopper, or should be considered one. I'm running on a UHD display, with display scaling set to 100%. Scale to fit in the editor view is setting the magnification to 184%, which is obviously bogus; it it should be scaling to the viewport, but it seems to be scaling to the monitor around it instead.

The project is HD (1920x1080) and so is the footage, scaled down from 8K to 1920x1080 and in ProRes.


  • @WhiteCranePhoto have you tried scale to fit in the trimmer panel? Does that work as expected? I'll have a look at this on Monday, sorry about the inconvenience.

  • No worries. I may seem annoyed, but really I was just rushing to get a video done.

    It seems like a dual monitor thing. I'm not getting the same odd behavior when I don't have my external monitor connected, like now when I'm on location for a job rendering an update .

  • @WhiteCranePhoto - I'm guessing you have one UHD monitor & one HD monitor?

  • Both are UHD... one is 12.5 inches, the other is 27 inches.

  • Ok, I made a discovery that will hopefully help track down the problem here.

    While both of my screens are the same resolution, what I didn't know is that one was set to scale applications at 100% and the other (ironically the bigger one) was set to 150%... which was leading to HitFilm thinking that the 2nd was NOT the same resolution as the primary display, even though when I looked at the display settings, it showed both at 3840x2160. 

    The viewport is behaving a LOT better with both screens set to 100% scaling...

  • @WhiteCranePhoto thanks for the update. We know that having multiple screens with different scaling factors requires some additional work but unfortunately haven't had the time yet. This is definitely something that we want to fix soon though.

    Sorry about the inconvenience

  • I didn't want the two screens to have different scaling factors in the first place, so it's no big deal now that discovered that they were different . 

    Thanks !

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