Clarity Might NOT Be a Similarity

Hello everyone!

For all my fellow Americans, hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. But anyway... so I downloaded a trial of HF2017 pro, and I discovered that it was really hard to see the controls under the controls panel: for example, instead of  "scale" in particle sim, it might say "s...e", even when I bumped my screen res to 1440X900! (Also,if I floated the panel, I had to expand it to almost the whole screen to see all the controls). Is there something that I'm missing?




  • Is there something that I'm missing? 

    Nope.  This is a bug.  One workaround is to drag the right-hand side of that window all the way over to the left, then expand it back to the right a bit.  This usually fixes the issue, but yeah; the particle display is the worst offender.  Here's hoping they put out a fix soon!

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     Hmm... well.... I guess I don't use particle sim too much( and for the once in 3  months that I do, I can probably manage), and everything else seems to be pretty much ok. Thanks for the amazing help as always though!


  • This isn't just a particle sim controls bug, but can happen with every panel. Must be something tricky to fix, as it was reported early in Beta. 

    Drag the offending panel NARROWER, then widen it out and the labela will correct themselves... For now. 

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