HitFilm Pro 2017 Some gunfire effects are only still images? (Resolved)

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I just upgraded to HF2017. After being surprised that it left the whole HF4Pro installation untouched and installed itself in a new folder, I was playing around with it.

When I had a look at the gunfire effects by putting them on the timeline in a composite and hit the play button I noticed that some of these effects do nothing at all. They are just a still image from begin till end of the timeline, while others are doing what they should.

Anybody else noticed that? 


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    The gunfire effect is intended to have its "Seed" property animated. Since there are now two different preset systems in HFP 2017, some presets might have seed Pre-keyframed while others don't.

    Incidentally Gunfire is a particle effect. What it's actually doing is spawning a particle cloud with varied gunflash images as the particle texture. 

  • @Triem23 Thank you for your fast reaction. I will have to dive into that. Until now I only used footage of keyed gun fires.

  • Check out this Simon tutorial. He covers both stock and the Gunfire effect. 


    Also (l won't actually link the tutorials here) Axel uses the Gunfire effect for clever things. He's attached Gunfire to spaceships to make quick thrusters, and his "Kylo Ren" lightsaber uses Gunfire as the basis for the blade and pinions by stretching out the length. 

    Ok, I'll link the lightsaber tutorial, because I really didn't think Axel had built it that way. 


  • @Triem The funny thing is that I watched the first half of that tutorial when I was working with stock footage for a muzzle flash. I didn't even realize that I have that effect in my arsenal. 

    Facepalm moment of the day :-)

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