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  • Why did y'all decide to go with year naming (2017) instead of version number?

  • Amazing this new software ! Finally more support for 3D objects to work on VFX ! (any there some tutorial of this?) Very good job on team from Fxhome. BUT, but i expected the about of rendering PBR ? One day when will make... Fingers crossed.

  • Well I was absent for a long time, Hitfilm has brought me back. As soon as I gain the funds, this is gonna be the first thing I buy!

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    You mention above that "...you don't need to install GoPro Cineform or GoPro Studio anymore, CFHD import and export all works out of the box...", so without GoPro Studio installed, will I be able to playback a video exported to Cineform using Windows Media Player, or is the use of Cineform limited to import/export from Hitfilm?

    You also mention that Vegas 14 is supported for IgnitePro, what about Vegas 13 (which I have to use for compatibility purposes at the project level among the other video producers I work with)? This is pretty important to me that it's compatible.

    On a side note - I'm pretty stoked that this release added several feature I had asked for, it confirms that you guys ARE listening to us customers! Thanks!


  • @lifo that is indeed what you get in the bundle.

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    @Jlummel officially HFP 2017 won't work in Vegas 13. This is a code issue at the Vegas end that will probably never be patched.

    Unofficially Palacono has a workaround for HFP 3 and 4 integration with Vegas 13,although I don't know if it works with HFP 2017.

    @3dslider the Cook-Torrance rendering in HFP4 and 2017 IS a physically based shader. "PBR" is a generic term, Cook-Torrance is a specific application. 

  • Sweet! Cineform export support!

    As a Windows user, I thank you. It is nice to have something to compete with ProRes for Mac.I hope the licensing fees were not too much from GoPro.

    Also 32bit float really takes the effects to the next level (am I correct in assuming that 32bit crosses over to Ignite effects?).

  • Frankly, I think it would be better for FXHome to continue developing HitFilm in the direction it's heading in and incorporate a 3rd party renderer like Blender's Cycles or TheaRender instead, so as to take advantage of their rendering-specific R&D instead of taking the HitFilm developers away from what they're doing.

    I'm really excited about this update!



  • @SRSstudios yes, Ignite is also 32-bit now. And 8k in AE.

  • That’s great!

    While deep data is not yet supported with Open EXR in Hitfilm, could third party developers support it through OFX? Or would that need to be hard coded in?

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    "Unofficially Palacono has a workaround for HFP 3 and 4 integration with Vegas 13, although I don't know if it works with HFP 2017."

    I've never had a problem with the HFP3 or HFP4 plugins (which changed to be called Ignite with HFP4 ) with Vegas 13!! It's worked fine for me so far (at least with the plug-ins I make use of) and I've come to rely heavily on some of the tools it provides.

    There may be a misunderstanding here, I just need the IgnitePro plug-ins to work in Vegas 13, which has never been a problem for me in earlier versions put out by Hitfilm. If by "integration" you mean more than that, then I just need to know if the plug-ins work.

    And what of the Cineform question, can I play a video exported from HFP 2017 with the Cineform codec with Windows Media Player? Or is the use of Cineform limited to import/export from HFP?


  • It's possible that you'll get the codec installed system wide when installing HitFilm Pro, but if not you can always just install the free Cineform studio app to get the codec installed onto your system that way.


  • WhiteCranePhoto I understand that.

    But earlier they had mentioned you no longer have a need to install GoPro Cineform or GoPro Studio, and my question about Cineform playback addresses this specifically. Is Cineform support in HFP 2017 limited to import/export or can you playback a video exported with the Cineform codec with Windows Media player?

    I'm asking for clarification to their earlier statement that other Cineform packages are no longer needed, spefically what was said was "...you don't need to install GoPro Cineform or GoPro Studio anymore...".


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    Is a Update for "HitFilm 2017 Express" also Planned??? or are the Updates for "Hitfilm Express" deprecated???


    This answer is very Important for me and all other Hitfilm Express Users like students or apprentices with low budgets and a love of Filmmaking with Hitfilm Express


    Hitfilm Express has much more reasons that it is the only worlds best No-Cost VFX-Software


    Never give it up FXHome!!

  • ""...you don't need to install GoPro Cineform or GoPro Studio anymore..."

    That makes it sound like the Cineform codec is included and installed system wide rather than in a HitFilm specific location. I'd guess then that you won't need to also install Cineform, based on that. 

  • Timeline filter would be good and helpful if we can filter few options at once, for example when typing in "position,rotation" there should be both properties visible. Otherwise it's almost useless in edit multiple properties on multiple layer scenarios. Please, please, please :)

    There are some new features, but after 1 hour in HF2017 I don't see any significant changes in editing work. There should be some chenges for example to change clip duration when draging edge with Ctrl Key to make it faster. Switching tools with a mouse is very time consuming. Small things, but very helpful.

    Mocha integration is good. But I don't know yet if there is a posibility to use mocha plugin to track anything or should I export track data.

    And we have first crash ;). Dump sent.

    Few tutorials about using 3D depth and scopes would be appreciated :).

  • Hey all, thanks for all the great comments, they mean a lot to us.

    Regarding Cineform, we're using the SDK direct from GoPro to do this to keep everything contained within the software - we do not install any codecs on your system. You would need to install the Cineform codec if you want the files to work in Windows Media Player - I haven't tried this yet but I suspect one of the beta testers can answer this... :)

    The next version of Express will not be coming for a while yet because all our energy will be going towards more updates for Pro... but when it comes it will be called Express 2017. 

  • @Jlummel sorry, I misunderstood your question. 

    I see no reason why the new version of Ignite wouldn't work in Vegas Pro 13,but I have not tested them. 

    By "integration" I was referring to a Vegas/Hitfilm Pro pipeline where you could send media from Vegas directly into Hitfilm Pro for processing or load a Hitfilm Pro project (Editor Timeline) directly into Vegas as a media clip (kind of like how Premiere and After Effects send data back and forth). 

    In Vegas 13 this was broken at the Sony end. With HFP 2017 and Vegas 14 this is fixed. 

  • IMO there's a lot to love in this update. The export queue, audio tools and the integrated Mocha tracker are my favorites, at the moment, but also the new Boris title studio looks very interesting.

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    I really like the new version. Good job fxhome.  I will  be upgrading from Hitfilm 3. 

  • It doesn't look to me as if the Thanksgiving bundles benefit existing users.  In fact, it looks punitive.  e.g HF4 u/g to HF Pro 2017 saves $160 ($349-$189) but u/g from HF4 to Magic Bullet Looks bundle saves $98 ($561-$463).  As such, I lose $62 in the HF u/g.  I should also benefit from the Magic Bullet Looks purchase by 25%. Shouldn't the u/g price be closer to $350 ($463*0.75).

    Am I missing something?

  • @xybor you're missing out that FxHome only controls the price of FxHome product. The total bundle price is affected by what Red Giant is charging for Magic Bullet. 

  • So, not missing anything.  The math to me is what I pay, not how it is distributed between the relevant parties.  Essentially, I am getting MBL for about $300+, or 25% discount off RG list. 

    I am not trying to be difficult.  I intend to upgrade to HF2017.  Just wondering if the bundle is a good deal or not.  MBL is a pretty sweet kit.  However, this isn't a pull-the-trigger deal to me.  Better deal for new HF users.  RG regularly offers 25% off deals.  Same same.  So, meh for me. 

  • FINALLY - I got a new HITFILM-VERSION! :-)
    After Hitfilm3Pro I waited so strongly for it! ;-)

  • And by the Way... even for me there was nothing in the Bundles... I'm Premium User of iClone... I even didnt knew that anymore... and I will save 300 Bugs, buying it seperately... but doesnt matter, I'm happyabout the new Version of Hitfilm. :-)

  • Hello there,

    I tried the Hitfilm Pro 2017 Trial, added one of my clips with 5.1 audio sound and thought: Yeah, 6 lines in the timeline. Finally, that's what I missed. I bought it about one hour ago. After I bought it, I tried to export the clip... And saw, that no 5.1 sound - option is available...

    Is there any chance that 5.1 - export is added soon?

    And is there a timeline regarding H265 export? I can't choose anything besides AVI (including Cineform) and MP4 (but only h264).

    Thanks in advance

  • HI , I've seen the demo real you've just released for this new product, but to be honest I am not clear to what killer functionaility your delivering in this new version that  HF4 pro cant do or does not do as well.  You are asking for a lot of money for a upgrade so though being able to split the screen and render jobs in a seperate queue is good I'm going to need alot more convincing.  Over to you team convince me!!

  • @jlummel @WhiteCranePhoto Sorry I wasn't very clear in my post. As Josh said, CFHD imports and exports in HitFilm Pro 2017 using GoPro's SDK so you don't need to install any codecs to use CFHD in HitFilm. However if you want to play videos outside of HitFilm you will have to install some codec.

    I would recommend installing the GoPro Cineform decoder if you are just using Cineform as an intermediate or working format but you might want to install GoPro Quik if you have a GoPro (the camera). If I understand this correctly, Quik is the replacement for GoPro Studio, will start with Windows (it will sit in the system tray) to look for a GoPro camera and launch the software automatically when plugged in. I might be wrong on that last part as I haven't tried it.

    @jlummel @Triem23 Vegas 13 isn't officially supported in Ignite Pro 2017, meaning that we haven't tested it. We officially support only the current version, which is 14. Vegas 13 was published by Sony so I am not sure how much support it gets from Magix or if they only support Vegas 14. With that being said, we aren't doing anything to actively prevent you to use Ignite Pro 2017 with Vegas 13 so I would personally just install the demo and try it. You might find that it works for you. Please do let us know how you get on.

    @SRSStudios 32 bit is indeed supported in Ignite Pro 2017, providing there is host support for it obviously. Deep data in OpenEXR is not supported (yet?) but we've just added depth maps so patience young padawan :) Creating an OFX plugin to add this would in theory be possible however HitFilm only supports OFX effects, not for import and export. To achieve this, one would have to implement an effect that exports the frame which would be a bit clunky to use and probably specific to HitFilm.

    @THE_EDGE Yes, when the time comes, HitFilm Express 2017 will be released

    @Onixarts You can already have multiple filters, just use spaces instead of a coma ;) I'll have a look at your crash report later today. Regarding the tutorials for 3D depth and Scopes, it will certainly come at some point, I know that there are quite a few tutorials in the pipeline.

    @xybor As Triem said, we do not control the price of Magic Bullet Looks. The upgrading price shown on the Store last night was wrong though, it was supposed to be $441, not $461. The mistake has now been corrected and people that bought it at the wrong price will receive a partial refund.

    @schuessd Unfortunately there is no 5.1 audio or H.265 export at the moment. I believe that H.265 is more of a licensing than technical issue at the moment. We have to pay per codec available in HF. 5.1 audio is something we want to add but it is a significant amount of work.

  • Is a Update for "HitFilm 2017 Express" also Planned??? or are the Updates for "Hitfilm Express" deprecated???


    This answer is very Important for me and all other Hitfilm Express Users like students or apprentices with low budgets and a love of Filmmaking with Hitfilm Express


    Hitfilm Express has much more reasons that it is the only worlds best No-Cost VFX-Software


    Never give it up FXHome!!

  •  @THE_EDGE Yes, HitFilm Express 2017 is coming but as Josh said, do not expect it anytime soon. We will be working on bug fixes and new features for HitFilm Pro 2017 in the near future.

    Patience you must have young padawan

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