Video slowed down during export

A problem occured that has never happened in the past few months, when I export my video it's slowed down, audio is normal though (don't know to which degree so I can't it out beforehand). In the editor the playback is fine and I never had problems before.
These are the settings I export at (since I'm an amatuer it's not unlikey I messed up some setting on accident), for some frame rates I usually use such as 50 fps and above at 1920x1080 it gives me an error message, so maybe that's the problem:

Timeline: Editor
Exp. Area: Content Area
Export video & audio, both checked

hight: 1080
S.M: keep aspect ratio (setting is locked)
Frame rate: I tried both 24 and 30, anything 50+ is an error (I don't think it always was but not sure)
A.R. : Square Pixels (1.0)
Profile: Main
Level: 4.0
Encoding: Variable Bitrate, 1 pass
T. Bitrate 10.000
M, Bitrate 15.000

Codec: AAC
Bitrate: 192 kbps

I only knowingly changed the frame rate before, so any help would be great!


  • OK, so exporting at 50 Fps creates the right speed (60 fps speeds it up) and works if I set it to 1080x720... But I'd like to have it at 1920x1080 if possible.... 

  • You cannot change the framerate of the export, from the timeline framerate, in Hitfilm without getting the issues you describe.

    The exact same number of frames as is on your timeline are exported. They are just marked as playback at a different rate. Therefore playback is faster/slower than the timeline rate. Hitfilm does not compensate the audio to this new shorter/longer time and the audio is unchanged.

    Bottom line is, Export at the timeline framerate in Hitfilm. So you can export a different frame size, from the timeline, in Hitfilm, but not a different framerate without consequences.

  • Okay, that makes total sense! I thought the export and timeline framerate would be the same! But as I said, I have no clue ^^ Thanks :)

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