ACTION Short Films - Share Yours?

So here's a video I made over the past couple of days, thought I'd share it here to get feedback and see if anyone else has YouTube shorts they'd like to post in this thread. Filmmaking is largely collaborative so I think it's important for us to check out one another's work. Thanks :)


  • Hangs together pretty well. I'll resist the urge to nitpick, but it's not clear how he/you got from the tickling scene to the kitchen and where did the blood on the forehead come from?

  • Very good points I was wondering about myself lol

    Part of the problem is that the tickling and kitchen were shot on 2 separate days but I should have corrected it... anyway, thanks for feedback, it's very helpful for the future!

  • Awesome and funny! hahaha

  • see if anyone else has YouTube shorts they'd like to post in this thread...

    Funny you should ask.  Appropriately, the "division" of my "studio" that producers gangster serials is named ACTION! Films.  So, here's the two latest installments... which represent my first attempts to work in Hitfilm.

  • I'm looking to start making a youtube action series using Hitfilm 4 express but I don't know what/if I should buy any of the expansion packs.  In the series there will be a war and people throwing fire and lightning for example.  Any help would be appreciated and I will be sure to post the first  finished episode here. Thanks

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    @Piercepage for what you describe, you'll probably want the "Destruction Pack" since that has fire and gunfire generators, as well as a few other goodies. Unless you have a lot of stock footage gunfire and fire already?

  • That's what i was thinking  I just wanted to confirm before I bought it.  Thank you for the reply @Triem23 ;

  • Here's one I shot a few years ago with the T2i.  It was meant to be a promo for a new youtube series I have yet to do.

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     @Piercepage perhaps you should try the starter pack too. 

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