Can't Export 1920 x 1080 60 Frames

So I'm trying to edit some Counter-Strike gameplay that was recorded from Shadowplay (Records 1920 x 1080 60 FPS) and I can't seem to export it in .mp4 format. I'm getting the error of  "H.264 Level is not compatible with the combination of width, height, and frame rate." I just know there has to be a solution, but I can't find it


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    Change the Level to 5.1 and the Profile to High (works as Main as well I think, but that might cap out at 4.2 or something, I'm trying to remember on the fly here... ;) ) and up your bitrate to something like 30/35 or even higher.

    Basically, the things that show up as Red need changing... :)

  • All I usually do is change my level to 4.2 and it exports perfectly :)

  • @FilmTech Do you change your bitrate as well?

    The defaults of 10/15 will look a little blocky for 1080@60; it's barely adequate for 720p:30.


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    Given that Blu-Ray standard is 20 mbps for 60i/24p, I can assume that one would go to 40mbps for 1080 60p....

  • Thanks for the help guys!

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