For EVERYONE (including me) who's wanted to see HitFilm for Linux...


  • Maybe I should have been more clear...  Fusion 8.2 is now available free for Linux. Fusion--although a node-based interface--does have much of the Power inherent in HitFilm. 

    The 8.2 beta is--as of this writing--available for the Linux distribution known as CentOS 6.6 and 7. There are also reports of successful installations on Arch Linux and Debian. Ubuntu requires a small fix to the OS' code to get it running and then, I have only heard of success on 16.04 not 14.04 as yet.

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    That's great news for the Linux crowd! 

  • The servers I run at work are on CentOS. Maybe a testing is in order...  ;-)

  • Update: tried the code modification and it worked. Fusion 8.2 beta is now successfully running on my Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS setup.

  • Do you know if it would work on Linux Mint?

  • Should work since Mint is based on Ubuntu. But you may want to wait for beta 2. According to one of Blackmagic's forums, beta 2 is supposed to have support for Ubuntu natively. While using Fusion this weekend, I learned a couple of things...even with the code modification, after working on a particle animation for an hour, Fusion didn't want let go of the CPU after I quit the program. Had to shutdown the computer manually. Also, respect the system requirements, ESPECIALLY for the video card. I ran it on a computer with dedicated AMD 1GB video card w/openCL 1.2 and Fusion performed reasonably well. Tried it on a machine with an NVIDIA card that wasn't recognized by the system, and it...wouldn't work.

  • There are lots of different software for linux that is able to format any software you want to install it with linux. Don't know if it is legal or not but for Hitfilm 4 express which is free you should be fine.

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