HitFilm doesn't recognise Quicktime

Hi everyone, I only just installed HitFilm so bear with me 

So I just installed HitFilm but without Quicktime at the start. However I then realised I should probably download it haha. So after everything was finished downloading I went to the apple website and downloaded Quicktime for Windows. I thought it would be all good but once I went into hitfilm it came up with the notification saying I need to install Quicktime, I then tried to import .mov files to test again and it still did not work. I need some help . Thanks in advanced guys!


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    Reboot. It'll (probably) work then. :)

  • Try converting your video files to whatever formats that Hitfilm recognises.

    You can convert your video online at this website link. Hope that helps. 

    http://video.online-convert.com/ ;

  • I am also having the exact same trouble.  I installed Quicktime after installing Hitfilm 4 Express.  As soon as I open Hitfilm it complains that I need Quicktime.  Rebooting didn't help and I don't want to have to convert video just to bring it into Hifilm.  Any thoughts?

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    @TripD - Did you do a Full install of QuickTime? Installing just the QuickTime player is not enough.

    I believe HitFilm checks the Registry to see if QuickTime is installed, it might be possible that somehow this has become corrupt.

    It might be a good idea to contact support here. They will ask you some questions about your setup & hopefully get you up and running.


  • So how did you go TripD?  Same issue -- well, a long slow wait for startup.  Otherwise I'm all good and can use .mov clips (from the tutorials mostly).

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    One thing to try is finding out the codec in the MOV file. DSLRs tend to be h.264 in an MOV wrap, and, if it IS h.264 you can rename the MOV file to MP4 and bypass Quicktime. 

  • Hi Triem. I never got back to you on this -- sorry!

    The thing is, if I click a .hfp file everything pops up quickly.  Only when I start HF4 Pro manually do I get to wait 20 seconds.  In other words, I'm not opening anything yet!  I'm doing something I don't want to break out of at the moment but I reckon even MOV files are not affecting the instant open -- but when I had an issue in THAT sense with QT, it was just nor recognising the player or the file.

    Does the startup issue only aspect offer any clue?  Hope so!

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    Let's go for a strange tangent. What's going on with your Internet on that machine? First thought is that the HF Home Screen pulls up recent tutorials and other web links, while clicking the project file bypasses all that and goes directly to timeline.

    Incidentally I made "Template" projects for my four most common resolution/fps combinations. These projects just have a pre-rigged camera, some pre-rigged lights, and a couple different pre-rigged text things, a black, white and 50%grey plane,  as well as my preferred panel layout and Media Panel settings. These projects have been set to read-only, and I open Hitfilm with those to never have to deal with the homescreen, setting project properties, setting up the other things I set up... Why waste a minute every time I start a new project setting up the same crap? 

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    Quick time won't show up in my preset. First I install hitfilm and no QuickTime errors were shown.
    Then I was doing my intro template. I edit it and when I realize I need quick time to render this project. I downloaded quick time installed it did typical installation when it was done installing reboot. Then Launch hit-film it didn't show up in my preset. So then I uninstalled both quick time and hit film. Then reinstall QuickTime then hit film . I did a reboot then launch hitfilm it's still didn't showed up in my preset please help me.

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    If you are on a Windows PC, you cannot export Quicktime or ProRes. Period. 

    Cineform at Medium is your best output format. 

    I think you still need Quicktime installed to IMPORT MOV files.

  • How can I get cinform 

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    You don't need to. Hitfilm njst does it. 

    But GoPro studio also installs Cineform. 

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