QuickTime vulnerability: strategies for Windows users

Following on from the advice from the US government that Windows users should uninstall QuickTime as a matter of urgency, I thought I'd start this thread to gather ideas on what everyone thinks are the best strategies going forward.

Here are my two cents...

1. The vulnerability only affects the QuickTime player (QuickTimePlayer.exe). There is an option in the QuickTime installer to only install the QuickTime components/resources (the codecs).

Assuming you already have QuickTime installed, an easy way to get to this point is as follows: 

Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall or Change programs > QuickTime 7 > [Change] : click on the Modify button... leave QuickTime Essentials unchanged... put an X against QuickTime Player and an X against Optional QuickTime Features.

Having made the above changes, some (but not all) video editing applications and utilities will continue to work normally with .mov files. I've tested it with HitFilm 4 Pro and MPEG StreamClip and all is fine. Sony Movie Studio... not so fine.

2. To begin to eliminate any reliance on QuickTime I've stopped using DNxHD as an intermediate codec for new projects. The free Cineform codec from GoPro (which can create .avi files) seems a much better bet and makes for silky smooth and responsive editing compared to the MP4/mov files from my Canon DSLR.


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